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Feeling down

Sorry I'm not sure where to put this and I'm sorry if I'm rambling on! I posted a week or so ago about my husband! He had a Spontaneous Pnumothorax. Anyway he has his follow up appointment on the 4th Jan. I'm literally tearing myself up inside and have already convinced myself they will diagnose either COPD (which will mean he can. I longer work as a firefighter) or they will diagnose cancer. Obviously I have not said all this to him but I feel petrified and miserable. I am worrying about every tiny little thing, I watch him breathing, moving, I panic when he coughs etc! Everything!! He was given IV antibiotics and a nebuliser for two days at hopsital and then given a weeks worth of oral antibiotics which he has finished. He was asked to continue with the carbocistine though as they said he had a lot of mucous on his chest (they said he had a infection) im absolutely beside myself with worry. I literally feel like the carpet has been ripped out from under our feet. One minute we were all happy and everything was great (we were even on holiday in august) the next minute everything has just gone down hill. There is another thing that has been worrying me, I can smell a weird chemically smell on his breath every now and then. It was really strong when he first had had the pnumothorax but now it's not as strong and not all the time. Again I've become obsessed with this and convinced its bad news. I do realise that my anxiety has fitness out of control and I will be seeking help myself. I have nobody to talk to though other than here ☹️

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Hey Tinkerbell, welcome to you. It’s completely understandable you are worried about your husband but your anxiety has spiralled out of control.

Your husband will be well cared for whatever the outcome so please try and remain positive.

We are here to offer support and please chat anytime. Xxxxx


Please see your doctor and explain how you're feeling. Anxiety can be extremely debilitating if it gets out of control, and I'm sure that your husband will be needing your support and positive encouragement for a while. Try to think of the best possible outcome, not the worst. I fully understand how difficult this must be for you, but in your own interest and that of your husband, please get some help. Thinking of you and hoping that all goes well. Good luck and take care of yourself. XXX


Your love for your husband really shines through everything you've written here, Tinkerbell. It's clearly a very difficult time for your both, and the future is a complete unknown, so please try to resist second guessing it. Whatever the future holds, when the time comes you will be able to cope with it, together. Try to focus on today, the little gains your husband is making now. Try to visualise him lying in a radiance of healing light, sending positive thoughts to help him get better. Just as I am visualising you in a radiance of healing light now as I write this, and sending positive thoughts for your anxiety to ease.


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