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I get a pain on my right side. It feels like if someone had just kicked me. I do not cough hardly. It happens if i sneeze, cause me to say ouch. If I cough I get this pain. Sometimes when I get up from a chair I feel this pain. I well yelp of pain! Then it goes away. Sometimes I feel this pain in my back below the right shoulder blade. This has been going on for a week now. Don't have insurance to see a doctor. What could this be? And is there home remedies to try first?

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Oh dear I really feel for you being unable to see the doc due to no insurance. Are you in America?

I'm so sorry I cannot help with your pain, very tricky as we aren't doctors here, just patients. Good luck with getting a diagnosis and wish you a happy new year. P

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Hi, do you have a lung condition of any sort that might make you over-breathe? I get sore intercostal muscles when I try to breathe more than my ribs can stretch, and that can be sore.


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