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Recommendation for Bed Risers for IBT

Within a few weeks of raising bed by 6" there is a noticeable improvement and hopeful this will get even better with continued use, as aware it can take months for full effects to kick in.

Would now like to replace my 'trial of books and bricks' with proper risers and would appreciate any recommendations as when I look on the different sites there are so many to choose from: wooden, acrylic, plastic, elephants feet etc etc all meant to do the same thing but with different looks and price. So I am flummoxed on which to buy. Can anyone advise please?

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As you are only raising one end, choose the ones with a wider base.

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I use the top set on the list from this list....plastic and square. Very sturdy. We have a divan so support with books in the centre of the bed at the sides. None of it very attractive but worth it isn't it!? My lungs are clearer and less coughing. Less coughing means less phelgm....vicious cycle now broken somewhat.

I got my set from Amazon. It had multiple pieces in the set. Complete care set looks just fine to me and a good price.


Also thanks Lizzab for your recommendation. Good to hear you're also having success with this, and such a simple thing to do with great benefits. Continued good health in the New Year.


Thanks for the link, Stone-UK much appreciated plus that's quite an extensive list. Wishing you All the best for 2018.


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