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Finding it hard

I’ve not been on for some time now with arthritis of the lumbar part of the spine got pain but still good the lungs are the same so going well but just lately I’ve been getting very emotional my health is good well as good as it can be I’m not worried about anything just emotional I just want to wish everyone a great new year if I’m not on for a bit we just have to be strong minded .

Stay alive 👍🏻👊🏻

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Hi Stephens, welcome back.

I'm no Doctor, but I'm pretty sure you have depression. Getting emotional, for reasons you can't explain, are a common symptom.

I think a visit to the Docter, is a good idea, if you get treatment now, the earlier it's diagnosed, the better for you. xx


Thanks but I take 2 different pills for my emotions one makes me sleep I’m on fentanyl patch’s gabapentim codeine paracetamol, tamsulosin fexofenadine and 3 breathing meds so 13 pills a day and then emyphsama . I left out my brother had a lung out just before Christmas he now at stage 1 now but needs chemo but is to weak at moment I’m not upset for me I’ve came to a point where I can handle what happens to me but to others I care about now that’s hard

Take care


Sorry Casper

I never get upset for me I’ve come to terms with everything about me and what’s happening sometimes I need to let it out so thank you I try not going to dr as every time I go there nearly always a new illness I had two students dr’s do a paper on me due to the many illnesses I have and a rare illness to which makes it hard to eat or keep it down or not to choke so I keep going who else can I tell how I feel my dr who I get on with so,so well he does not know how I carry on but we do as we have to

Take care


Hello Stephend .

I'm sorry you're feeling down. Pain can be such a downer. Plus this time of year isn't always full of joy for many of us. I hope you feel better, but if not perhaps have a chat with your gp about your emotional state. Perhaps you could do with some support.

Wishing you a good start to the new year too.

Can xxx 🌹


Hope you feel better soon. Wish you avery happy and healthy New Year x

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The time of the year could have something to do with it. Stay strong and happy New Year.


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