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Pulsating/throbbing scalp, internal vibrating throughout body

Hi all, I've been experiencing throbbing/pulsating scalp for the past 1 month. My head muscles also twitch and at times, I even feel the scalp vibrating or shaking when i press my fingers on my head. Along with that is my body. I feel the right side and sometimes the left side vibrating or shaking, but inside my body. Head feels either heavy or tight and there is this dizzy-like pressure sensation that moves around sometimes. CAT and MRI came back clean. My neurologist put me on propanolol but I'm so sensitive to medicine I wonder if I should ask for a second opinion before taking it. Any thoughts?

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go get acupuncher tell him wot your problem is bet acupuncher gets rid of it


Hi! I was prescribed Propranolol in the past to control surges of adrenaline in my body that caused me to shake .. both externally and internally. It worked really well asically it's a beta-blocker. Snooker players use them to ensure they have really steady hands. I only used them when required and had no adverse side effects. (I called them my 'soup tablets' as without them there was no way I could have soup in a restaurant without it going everywhere except my mouth! )

Sorry if this sounds flippant. I certainly don't mean it to be as I know the feelings are really scary. Anyway, I would certainly suggest you give them a try. Especially as your neurologist has prescribed them.

Love, Mx


Sorry to hear of your troubles - the nearest I have had to what you describe is when on high doses of steroids - you do not say if you are on steroids now or have been recently - other than that I would take Mitchell's advice and take the new pills prescribed - good luck xxx


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