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Thank you all for Christmas wishes about my message that I was alone & going down Community Centre had a marvelous day laughed/sang through a lot of it, had wonderful company, food, we had a guitar player this year & he used to play on liners so was excellent bit loud lol he also dressed up in kilt & played the bagpipes to start lunch also played happy birthday to someone. Have lift there & home also played quizzes our table came 5th not bad considering I answered quite a few being merry lol also won sweets on bingo. Spent most of yesterday dozing off in nightwear but came home with a dinner Christmas Day so just jad to microwave & make some gravy. Well weather awful have loads of rain here in Pembrokeshire out today on Town Rider to Home Bargains, Iceland & Poundland not got much room to store any more food as I always stock up winter time due to health conditions but appetite poor so most is long dated or in freezer which is full as I buy bit extra every week. Take care of yourselves this time of year plenty of meds in as weather is iffy God Bless All XC

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Glad you had a wonderful time at the Community Centre is pouring down here too, for the second day running, Aria our cat is looking at all those birds in the garden and thinking tomorrow maybe..

Take care xx


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thanks we had a lot of rain last night snow up the line but sun shining now showing up all the dust so going to do some cleaning I hope 2018 will be a good year for you


Sent you a pm Christabella as I live in Pembrokeshire too.


So glad you had a good day, and better then you feared. There are some kind and caring people out there. Many, many more than the popular press would have us believe.

Be gentle with yourself.

K x


What a lovely cheery post! Thank you for sharing about your lovely day and what you've done since. Good idea keeping the freezer stocked up! xx Moy