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Post Lung Surgery

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In 2010 I had a bi-Lobectomy lung operation. Initially I had limited physiothrapy but apart from seeing the consultant every few months any form of rehabilitation was only available by application. I gave up and bought a indoor exercise bike, brilliant but lost motivation. Next walking the dog, still do it. Now bought a "PowerBreathe" lung mustle trainer (Cost £50).

I want to hear from anyone who has got one ?

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I would suggest asking your consultant about the power breathe. They are designed to strengthen the muscles in healthy people. Although there are exercises and techniques which those with damaged lungs can do, this device may be a step too far. I have bronchiectasis and my consultant is not happy that I should use it.

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Thanks for that bit of information. I've been getting my exercise up and down the hospital corridors, they weren't that long before!!

My husband has been in over Christmas, but was more with it yesterday when I went in.i go in lunch time , that gives me time get home before dark

I know my Bi-Lobectomy was over 63 years ago, but the main thing I was told to do then was very deep breathing exercises, it try to make the lungs stretch to fill the available space , future X-rays showed that my lungs do now fill all my rib cage , OK I did get Brochiectasis back but they did not have Antibiotics then . Hopefully for you with the improvements in medical science your lungs will stay free of disease.

My main advice to you is EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE , all I can do now is walking, but I try to walk EVERY day for at LEAST a half an hour. and stay ( if you can) infection free.

Love Sohara

Try joining a singing group for people with lung problems. They are all over the UK. You can find the list on the BLF website. Singing properly helps you use the full depths of your lungs, and it's fun to do. Not all the groups are choirs or require auditions to join - my own, Breathe Better Sing Together in Crewe isn't: we just use singing as lung exercise and a fun and social time,

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