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Healthier New Year.

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Hi folks, Merry Christmas.

Just on to say that 12 months ago tonight I was whizzed off for a stay in hospital for the 2nd time in a month with breathing difficulties. Happy to say, although I've had my ups and downs through this year I'm feeling quite well at the moment. Since last year I've been on a rehab course and learned to look after myself a bit better.Maybe that's the reason.

Anyway wishing you all a Happy and healthier New Year.


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I'm pleased to hear you are keeping well Graham, whatever the reason is. :)

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Grayjay in reply to mrsmummy

Thank you mrsmummy. I should have added that being part of this community has helped me a lot also.⚘

And long may you remain so Graham. All the best to you to. Harry

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Grayjay in reply to Harry13

Thanks Harry, keep up the good fight, hope you have a healthier New Year.


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