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Deaf in right ear following bubby cough/bronchial infection

Hope you all had a good Xmas/Festive day.

After the bout of bubbly coughing, thickened bronchial tubes - and blood tests, HRCT which are being investigated - 2 weeks of doxycycline. I am after 7/8 weeks better, nearly there.

But my ears have been popping for a few days. My right nostril is still a bit blocked. And this day 3 and my right ear is ‘buzzing’ and can hardly hear anything. I’ve tried yawning, tilting head to one side, blowing nose - to no avail.

Any ideas?

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Hello Beachbird .

I'm sorry to read about your infection. The last time I had that popping sensation in my ears, I had an ear infection. It also gave me a low ring which was constant and very irritating. And I got this right after I had a lung infection. I would definitely get it checked out if it doesn't right itself.

I hope you feel better soon. I know how awful those ear popping episodes are. 😕

Do take things easy.

Cas xx 🌿


Defintly. CHeck it out. Cause ear.canals heal slowly n can be a warning. I only have 75% hearing in my left ear. Added by many sinus infections . they didn't put tubes in like they do now. I even had to have my ear opened up.c Cause I had no ear drum . I have had the weirdest things happen, but I survi ed,so look for a good ear specialist n make am appt right away. Let me know how u are doing. Happy healthy new year

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Thanks for reply. Am at sit and wait GP. 3 hour wait ugh! (On line have seen loads people commented yoi can go deaf. Typical at Christmas!

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At sit and wait 3 hour wait. Thanks for reply!

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I know the feeling. I was at the hospital yesterday for six and a half hours. Hang in there. xx 🍀


Signed in for the wait. Noticed the chemist in the surgery was open. Spoke to an extremely able older chemist.

He took me to a side office. Told me to hold my nose and blow as hard as I could. On the second or third attempt my ears popped and could ‘feel’ liquid being expelled. I then felt quite dizzy - and he said totally normal.

He told me to do the same every 20mns.

He said he had seen several people that morning with absolutely identical symptoms as mine, which had also lasted several weeks.

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