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I have a bad tight chesty cough at the moment and had to go to A&E the other night to go on nebulser as my inhaler wasnt relieving. I am now on prednisolone ( 6 a day for 5 days), which i hope will help! I’d like to know if it’s ok to take my inhaler a bit more than advised.? I took more this morning and it has helped relieve my chest. ( though it does make you shaky). Would be grateful for any reassurance. It’s very scary. I have copd .

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I was advised by the respiratory team, use it four times a day. Morning, noon. Evening, bedtime and any time in between.

If you are experiencing shakes and palpitations, speak to your GP for a alternative inhaler.


Thank you for your reply. I have used my inhaler more today and its helped. I think its ok short term to use a bit more. I’m going to see my gp after christmas and maybe get a preventative one. I used to have one but my condition wasnt getting any worse so i was taken off it. Its good to talk to people on here who understand and it makes you feel a bit more relaxed.


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