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Hi all change of diagnosis

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well and keeping those bugs at bay. I don't post very often but I read daily on everyone's news feed..... So just filling in on latest updates lol. As usual still been taking lots of infections decided to go to health shop and try build up the ole immune system so came out of the shop with wait for it........ Vitamin a, c and d, magnesium, turmeric and also cordyceps. Was hoping for some advice on these vitamins especially the cordyceps it's mushroom based if that's any help. Well finally thought was getting on top of the bronchiectasis emphysema copd and was brilliant for 6 weeks n was so impressed with the new me but nope didn't last ended up ill kept in hospital for a week where they have now discovered I have right sided heart failure and mitral stenosis, apparently a very rare heart defect which is hardly ever heard of anymore. This is due to myself having rhuematic fever left untreated when I was a baby. So now I'm waiting on open heart surgery. Trying to be positive but I am so scared I don't no what the future holds for me but I'm praying that when and if I get this op my life improves. I'm only 47 and want to live I've done everything I've been told from following doctors advice to taking tips off fellow sufferers on here. So once again my dear special friends any advice help support knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post but definitely don't do things by half lol xoxo


Would be interested in any feedback regarding my vitamin intake especially the cordyceps sinesis. I'm also drinking honey n lemon instead of coffee

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Hi llo what a lot you are going through and yes mitral stenosis is unheard of these days as people don’t tend to have rheumatic fever anymore. I do hope that the operation goes well for you.

Vitamins are ok but you can get most of what you need by eating a balanced diet. Cordyceps are supposed to help with the immune system, liver function and even ringing in the ears but l have no idea if they work. You could give them a try but check things out first.

Have a good Christmas and wishing you brighter days ahead. Xxxxxx


So sorry about you’re feeling scared. But it is entirely understandable. You have a diagnosis, albeit a tricky, rare one. And will be getting treatment.

All the best and try to enjoy Christmas.



Hi Loretta

So sorry to hear of your struggles. You might want to check out the vitamins etc with your pharmacist. They are classed as food supplements but some can interact with some medications and some might just produce expensive wee, although I do hope they help you.

Good luck with your upcoming surgery. Please let us know how you are getting along. You have our support.

love cx

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I don't know about your mushroom thing, but my GP prescribed most of the others for me. I think they are helping a bit. As for cardiac surgery, I had major heart surgery when I was 17, which saved my life. I am now 74. In 1961 it was definitely experimental, no ICU except a nurse sitting by my bed afterwards, taking my blood pressure! Even my current cardiologist is impressed that I am still here. It is unnerving experience, but you will be well cared for, and then life will carry on. Many blessings, and try to enjoy Christmas. With love xxx


Your bound to a bit scared. The diagnosis came out of the blue and overwhelmed you.

Try to look at the diagnosis, as being a blessing in disguise because now, it can be nipped in the bud, before it causes you any serious problems.

I wish you all the best for your operation and a swift recovery xx


That has to be very distressing with everything that you are facing and I sure hope surgery will give you some quality of life as you are far too young to be facing all these issues. Will pray the surgery goes well and that you are doing better after recovery.

Merry Christmas.


Good that you finally have correct diagnosis. Hope your surgery goes well and you see huge improvements. All best wishes for Christmas and for a healthier New Year x


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