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I have just been diagnosed with COPD I am scared lost and in tears I am 58 and could use a friend and someone to talk to..

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A very warm welcome to you Deb :-)



Ty ..nice to meet you

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Although scary it’s not the end of the world.

COPD is a umbrella term for Emphysema, damage to the Aveoli or Chronic Bronchitis inflammation of the airways resulting in over production of mucus.

Smoking is the primary cause and is important to stop if not already done so.

Avoidance is also important to slow the progression of the condition, second hand smoke, several household products can be a trigger making you more breathless.

Exercise is important, ask your GP about pulmonary rehabilitation course, part exercise part education.

You haven’t said what stage you are at, 1mild,2 moderate,3 Severe and 4 very severe.

Making the necessary adjustments and you can slow the progression down tremendously and lead a comfortable, albeit, slower life for a very long time.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, or just have a rant.

Plenty of members will listen and reply with sound advice.


As Usual Stone, Spot On, xxxx

Hi, I cant really improve on what Stone said above, it's good advice. You'll find lots of support on here from people in the same boat as you too! Welcome...x


Hi Deb, No need to be scared, really. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise there is no reason that you can't lead a normal life, albeit a little slower. If you smoke then quitting will slow the progression down to normal aging levels.

I am 67 and diagnosed with severe copd 18 months ago and was beside myself at the diagnosis. I still work full-time and regularly walk 5 miles. Apart from getting out of breath easily my life is unchanged apart from having to take a load of meds.

Please don't panic it is not a death sentence at all, anxiety will only make your breathing worse.

Ask to be referred to Pulmonary Rehabilitation. You will learn how to control your breathing, how to take your inhalers properly to get the maximum benefit as well as tailored exercises. There will be other people with the same condition, so you will not be alone and will have a laugh as well, there is always a comedian in the group :) . Many of us here will tell you the same.


There are stories where people can live with it; provided you follow good advice as given on here; and given right medications.



Thank you so much..I think it is first stage 67% and I was told I should be at least 80%..for my age 58.. I have no cough no mucus need a liitle deep breaths sometimes on stairs..I shovel my driveway..I clean house ..I work with no issues..clear lungs and xray..and stress test was good..dr. said at first anxiety attack but the speriomter told him COPD


sounds like you are doing quite well. xx


Ifyou are not used to doing these tests you may well have not done it as well as you could.

What was the reason thes tests were done.

I have had breathing problems from the age of 2. I dont worry generally but do tend to ignore problems when i should not.

I think you need more information from your gp or respiratpry team at the hospital hope you find an answetr


Hi hopetorun. I was walking a bit in a hurry ..and all if a sudden I sort of needed a big breath..finding the stairs at work took more effort..they were sure it was anxiety..but did the test as a petcaution I think

Hi Deb,

Relax my love, you are doing fine, reading what your test with the Doc was.

Just read all the lovely peoples comments, and take their advice.

I wish I could climb the stairs, but I dont have any, I live in a bungalow, but I will gladly swap my lungs for yours, dont worry, Ron xxx.


Hello Deb, glad to see you came to the right place. First of all let me just say that you had the right to be scared. You would not be human if you were not scared when you got the news of having something there is no cure for.But thank God that it was found in the early stage where as more can be done for you. I'm 56 with copd, stage 4, breathing of 19% of my own lungs. Right now they are saying my only hope is transplant, and I just found out about having copd 6yrs ago. But honey, if you do what the doctors tell you and most of all eat right and do plenty breathing treatments you will be fine. God is always there to help us when we cant help ourselves, so I don't worry because I know he is helping me, no matter what it looks like he will help me and I will be off this machine. Plus my family is great support, and that too is important. So don't worry over something you have no control over, just pray for Gods help and live life to the fullest one day at a time. You will be fine, a blessing will come your way!!!


Hi Debs and welcome to the site. I know how you are feeling right now as I felt just like you when I found out I had COPD. But with healthy eating and exercise and lots of support you will cope. You have lots of friends here who you just haven't met yet, you will never be alone. You can always chat to me if you are ever feeling scared or unsure, anyone one of us will chat to you. Please keep posting and remember we are all here for each other. Have a wonderful Christmas and no matter when you feel like chatting I am available. Love Bernadette xxx


One very important thing is to not expose yourself to people's germs if it can be avoided. So if a family member of friend has a cold or bug or cough tell them to stay away. It's not you being rude at all, it being sensible. We can't prevent catching colds etc but if you know someone's poorly don't see them till they totally better. Also, flu jab an absolute must and ask your dr about the pneumonia jab too, you'll be entitled.

Vitamins C and D3 daily will also help keep you healthy and eat your 5 a day. No reason why you shouldn't have a long happy life xx


Sound Advise Shancock. xxx

Hi good to meet you and welcome to the site. I can't add to the good advice others have given you. x


I do not smoke I quit 2 or 3 years ago..I smoked about 12 years then quit..picked it back up for 4 then quit..ty so much to everyone. .I am wiping my tears..I watched it eat up someone. I knew in a short time. .painful. .I will never forget

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Thank you so much to all of you and to this site..


Hi there Deb5907, I know how scary it is for you as I am a sufferer of copd and have been for a few years now. Copd is a disease that can't be cured but with the right meds and stopping smoking can help the progression , slowing it down. ✋️😊


Ty..for all the caring replys.. I feel heart warmed to have met so many wonderful friends ..I feel terrible that I can't understand. .I guess I wanted so much more out life..and that sounds selfish sorry


Hi Deb you are obviously in shock at the moment, thinking why me, what have I done to deserve this, what am I going to do now etc. We've all been there Deb and as long as you get the right help then you can still lead a normal life. You're not being selfish , what you are is scared and it is scary. But as time passes you will realise that things are not so bad. ✋️😊


I am petrfied..no sleep..wondering is it a mistake..wishing..do I have a chance..lost all sensr of security..and lonely..

Have you got any family Deb? You mention being lonely, what about friends. Or is it that you feel lonely because of your illness and no one will understand you because they are not suffering the same?


I think because of the disease..I am alone and it is eating at me..I feel like simeone just chose my life destiny and I want to feel normal and stop the tears..

I think maybe you have got yourself so stressed with the illness and gone into panic mode Deb. Understandably so because this is all new to you but take it from me because I have very severe copd, if you follow doctor, hospital advice, you will come out the other side. We all have our bad days of not coping which goes with the territory, but you can talk to anyone here when you need to. ✋️😊


You are so right..I apologize..a little bit of a selfish fit on my part..may I ask how long you have had Copd

I've had copd for 5 years now going on six, and I remember how worried I was when I first found out, just like you I was in a panic and felt very stressed what happens next. The main thing for me is when I get excaserbation , sand can't breath properly, that's when you learn how to breath properly, not easy but it works. And talking with these friendly people on this site was the best thing I did. ✋️😊


Do you have to have oxygen..thats whats scares me..

Hi Deb you still seem very stressed. I was diagnosed with mild copd like yours 9 years ago at 4 years younger than you.

I am still mild and still do what I want to in life. The only effects I have are feeling a bit more tired (which can be due to age as well), feeling a bit breathless walking up hills, and sometimes not being as fast as others on the level - though I do have a bad back as well.

At your level you shouldn't be any worse that this unless you have other illnesses which impact on you as well. Can't you still live a normal life and do what you want even with these small restrictions?

Copd is progressive but it rarely progresses quickly and I certainly never plan on having to use oxygen unless I live to 120! The same with you.

You (and me) are lucky to be diagnosed at such an early stage as we have every chance of leading a normal or near normal life with a normal lifespan. Many aren't diagnosed until they are more severe and their options are more limited.

Having said that they are still here and enjoying life many years later. You will be too. Most people these days die with copd rather than from it. x


Hugsss and thank you...I am finally listening and hearing..thank you all from the bottom of my heart ..I have been so lucky to have found this site and friends who have taught me a lot and took the time to share so much of themselves..


Ty hypercat for taking the time to gently nudge me ..I truly admire you and all the others..

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Hi Deb we have all been where you are so we all get it. I found this site when I was diagnosed and virtually everything I know about lung disease I have learnt from the wonderful folk on here.

The ones I truly admire on here are the more severe ones, who despite their illness, remain inspirational and do their best to help others despite their own suffering.

We are the ones who live with lung disease and we all support and help each other. x


Hi hypercat , your reply has also given me hope and inspiration. I was diagnosed this year with moderate COPD and asthma , I’m 56 . Same sort of symptoms except I cough all the time. I’m living life as fully as possible, just slightly slower however that said, I’ll dance for hours ! Thank you for replying to Deb as not only have you helped her , but me too.🙂


That's great Deb and I am so pleased we have managed to reassure you a bit too. x


I'm afraid you can't choose if you are going on oxygen or not as the progression of the decease will do that.

I am on full time oxygen and can't walk more than a few feet with out getting out of breath as my sat's drop drastically quick and there's nothing I can do about it. I am 77 and was diognised about 12 yrs ago. Harry


Ty Harry for sharing with me..I apologize for that comment..I realize now it was not a good comment to say ...I give you hugss..I am glad to meet you

No Probs Deb. All the best to you and yours.x

No I'm not on oxygen yet because my oxygen levels are ok, but I use my nebuliser 5 times daily along with pumps and tablets. After a while Deb, you get use to what you have to do and it all becomes a way of life. The thing to do is one thing at a time. ✋️😊


I use my nebuliser 4 times Dailey but I can use it 5 if I'm having a bad day. That's what I meant to say. ✋️😊


Ty..nice to meet you..hugsss

Hi Deb5907 and you've got enough good advice and info to absorb,so I will just do a "hello" and so glad you found us....it will make a real difference,being able to ask anything you want and get an experienced reply. Doctors may poo poo us but we here take matters seriously and have some excellent advice/answers.


Ty SquirrelsHolt...I have been terrfied..scarred. And lonely. .and it seems I dig for someone to say you will be ok..I am trying.so hard to listen and hear but my head just says you have been given a life expectancy that isn't what I had hoped or wanted to hear.

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Hi. Only read UK health sites on copd. American ones are all doom and gloom & give short life expectancies. Very wrong.

There are many many people with copd who live very well for many many years. Print off all the information the BLF (British Lung Foundation, a charity) offer, it's somewhere in the 'help' section. I think.

As others have said, a healthy diet, a healthy weight, avoid other people's bugs, pollution, have a good GP who's willing to prescribe the right inhalers for you, don't stress yourself - I've read on here that so many people write that they might have copd but copd doesn't have them. I don't have it, have something else. I keep well by exercise, lots of extra vitamins & minerals and practice almost obsessive hand hygiene so ad not to catch anything.

It's not the end, we promise 😃


Ty so much..I want so much to live..I haven't slept or eaten..I wonder around the house aimlessly trying to put things in my mind in place..I feel hopeless even with all your wonderful advice..

Sorry but you must find a way to turn those negative thoughts around to being positive thoughts. The negative just brings you down. Perhaps something else is up? Perhaps doc could help you through this anxiety for its probably far worse for your future health than mild copd. 👍


He told me no way I have copd..everything was clear..then after the speritory test said you do have copd..your level is 67..so it wasnt just anxiety..they promised me..then said it could be worse

Yes I do..

Hi Deb, this is a great community with loads of helpful caring people who can offer more answers than most of the health professionals I have seen so welcome and I hope that some of your anxiety and fear can be reduced.




Ty Phil..you are so right ..loads of caring people...you included 😃


I was diagnosed with a blood disorder in 1997 which had no cure and was not fully understood. Best case scenario was I would not really be affected by it and perhaps more or less live out a natural life. Worst scenario was dying of liver cancer.

I was as you are, scared; angry; praying and making deals with God about keeping me alive long enough so the kids would be old enough to look after themselves; then time rolled by and the shock passed and I found out more about looking after myself etc etc and became a bit more philosophical about things and kept attending check ups yearly etc etc.

My life had never been very stable and there were many times I had close calls with my own mortality for one reason or another so I figured hey ho day at a time.

Which is kind of where I stay,’we have the now, yesterday has gone and tomorrow’s not here so I try to stay in the here and now because that’s what we have.



(Doesn’t always work; I can’t pretend to be that pious haha)


Hugsss..ty for sharing that with me..I like that one day at a time ..


No problem, we are all hanging on to existence by a thread I reckon and fortunately we can blank out the constant and ridiculous risks that threaten our wellbeing every day (traffic; pollution; freezing temperatures; violent crime; Donald Trump; North Korea; Boris Johnson). Who knows how long any of has got at any time so try to make the most of the day. Carpe Diem and all that.

Have a good break if you are having one and keep talking to people you trust and will help you.

Phil x


Never forget that to live for today and to love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a FOOL. As tomorrow is promised to NO ONE. H

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I don’t think I have ever heard that saying to be honest. Obviously upset you though Harry? Seem quite angry there.

I don’t really understand the rationale behind it?

And Carpe Diem is ‘seize the day ‘ not live for the day; for me it is more like live one day at a time as it comes, make the most of it.

Which I think is particularly relevant to COPD because I cannot say from one day to the next how it will be for Mum. So I always have the caveat whenever planning things with her ‘if you are well enough ‘ which she does understand now.

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Hi Phil. No I'm not angry at all. Those words are the opening words of a Tom Jones song called" Without Love " and they've stuck in my brain and it's telling to do exactly what you do take every moment as it comes I'm like you I cannot make any plans at all as I do not know how I'm going to feel in the next hour. Sorry if I upset you as sure as hell didn't mean to. Have a


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Hi Harry no didn’t upset me I was just messing about and glad you aren’t angry because I keep getting my posts edited lately by mucking around and winding up people who have put on offensive posts. I mean posts that have offended me, they may not be offensive sorry moderator. Did not mean to imply anyone was being offensive.

I looked at your profile and saw you have a dog called Bella.

My crazy Collie (my avatar here) is also Bella! She too is beautiful!!!

Regarding your oxygen sats, any benefits of oxygen therapy goes as soon as you aren’t breathing it; that is it does not help any longer than when the vanilla (canula I mean, the phone just did that correction ha) or whatever is in place.

It is more like a crutch for a broken leg, takes the strain while you use it and gives you a rest.

My Mums sats can drop low also when the oxygen is on and she does something like go to the bathroom. Especially bad when she has an infection.

Sometimes if I take her shopping and she is using the cylinder the Respiratory nurses told her to turn up the flow if she is struggling.

Something I found out recently which was really amazing was when she had the oxygen piped round the house instead of being on one tube. Really helped her so much.

I put it on a post; have a look if you have a spare minute. I wish I had known that years ago.

All the best, Happy Xmas and a good New Year to you too.



So Sorry Phil. I never saw knew you had written all this so I thank you. As Iv'e said I'm on oxygen all the time but I live in a flat so the tubing is long enough for me to get to any where in side. My sats drop just by getting up out of a chair. Take care and all the Best to you and yours for the New Year. Harry

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Thanks Harry, hope the New Year is good to you and yours too.


You will find plenty of friends on here offering support welcome deb. joyce


Hi Deb welcome we all felt the same when first diagnosed I know I was came as a bolt of lightning. You are not alone and everyone on this site are so supportive and caring so hold on tight and connect often with the friends you will meet here over sallyxx


Hi.... I'm new here too. I'm 46 and have suspected CO PD just waiting for the spirometry ... got to wait until 19th for that 😕 I' m scared and worried too. I have symptoms so terrified of what stage they will say I'm at. I'm also a non smoker...never smoked. Trying to stay positive...read everything positive and trying not to dwell on anything that is going to send my anxiety levels soaring😊 xx



Being you have "suspected" COPD - I am not a doctor but I think the doctors or nurse would have known had COPD been advanced. Have a happy Christmas and try and put COPD out of your mind ;-)

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Hi thank you for your reply. I am trying...but I'm sure that they will confirm it as I have many symptoms and feel unwell. I have a weird feeling in my chest constantly......always feel tired and have constant cough and mucus esp in the morning and night. Just finished antibiotics for a chest infection....wondering if it's gone 😕

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LOU777 Being COPD is suspected and you are waiting for a spirometry test. i honestly believe that had the COPD at an advanced stage, all tescasests would have been done earlier. Also a Dr has a good idea listening to your breathing, spirometry gives extra data.. Looks to me you have had a chest infection and that has made you feel lousy, that would also explain the anxiety as that is common with COPD, in particular new cases........I am not a doctor and if you feel very bad, you should contact your doctor of phone 111 if they are closed. You are 46 which is quite young, i am sure your doctor wold have arranged tests like spirometry or referred you for a Lung Function test with a consultant, had he/she thought that necessary.

Rule of thumb - if you feel ill then get help and you may need some different antibiotics if you are still cough up mucus in particular green or yellow. Good luck an try and have a happy Christmas.

Thank you. I am sure you are right. I'm a worrier at the best of times but can usually recognise and keep the anxiety at bay. Today has been better so far...managed to get round Asda for a big Xmas shop on my own lol..... feeling tired now and coughing has started again...arghh. have a lovely Xmas yourself and I hope you are well 😊


As you have probably noticed you are not alone☺ This site is the best place to find answers and friends in the same state as yourself.We've all been through what you are going through right now. I hope you have a great Christmas and realise it is just a change of lifestyle to get through this.


Hello Deb5907. Firstly stop thinking you are going to die, because you are not, COPD is NOT a death sentence. I think your biggest problem at the moment is stress and anxiety which is making you panic, so I want you to sit down and relax your shoulders and arms, put your hands in your lap andancing of some PURSED LIP BREATHING, breath in slowly through your nose to the count of 3 then breath out slowly to the count of six (it is very important to breath out for longer than you breath in) keep your neck and shoulders relaxed and keep breathing like this for several minutes. If you feel anxious, frightened, panicy or breathless this will help you to relax and take control again.

Secondly talk to your doctor about Pulmonary Rehab, there you will learn exercises you can do to help with muscle strength and also you will learn all you need to know about the different medications and how to use them if you are prescribed any. It is very, very important to keep moving and carry on your life as normal, you haven't got an illness that is going to render you bedridden or housebound. You may find that you do things a bit slower and you feel a bit more breathless when walking up a hill or climbing the stairs, but that is quite normal as we get older anyway. Please don't be frightened about having to use oxygen because IF you do have to use it, it will probably be many years down the road, and stairsomething worry about if and when the time comes.

I am 76 and at end stage, I have had this for about 20 years but I wasn't diagnosed till 13 years ago, I just ignored the symptoms thinking it was just old age creeping on. You are very lucky that you have been diagnosed early and you have done the very, very best thing by giving up smoking.

I am sorry I have gone on so long, but I want you to realise that you can live your life just the way you always have, do the pursed lip breathing if you feel anxious or breathless (you can do it anywhere once you get the hang of it) and enjoy the years to have in front of you, there is no reason that you can't live a normal lifespan, as I said I am 76 and I have no intention of going anywhere soon.

You can always come on here to ask questions, seek advice and support or just to have a moan, there is always someone here for you.

I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year. Take care and breath easy, love and hugs xxxx


Hi Deb please do not feel scared all is not lost not by any means. Important rules are no smoking, exercise as much as possible even if only by walking daily, and eat sensibly. Also avoid anybody else who is unwell particularly with coughs and colds, this can help. I am now aged almost 68 and diagnosed when I was 40 so had COPD for now 28 years now. Life is not over even though I now need oxygen help, but I still do my own washing and ironing, dusting and hoovering. Able to enjoy and play with my grand children (2 and 5 yrs) Ok things take me longer to get done than they once did and I get tired towards evening but keep positive and never give in. You will do fine. Have a lovely Christmas


Lots of comprehensive and great advice above so would just like to say hello & welcome x

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You will finds of friendly advice here. Welcome x

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I really can't say anything else except welcome, you have had lots of good advice and encouragement. Try to have a peaceful Christmas and if you are on your own relax and have some of your favourite treats. Follow your doctor's advice, take your medication as instructed and ask for help if your anxiety remains. Love and many blessings xxx


Hi Deb and welcome to this wonderful forum. I don't have any problems with my lungs but instead I am on here to help me cope with my 42 yr old son who has interstitial lung disease, and I have had so much support from lovely people on here. I know i could not cope without them

Xx merry Christmas xx


you do feel scared when you are diagnosed as its fear of the unknown but at least you can be treated and its not the end of the world.

Hi Deb,

Please read my post about misdiagnosis. Copd and late onset asthma are often confused. Asthma isn't fun either but unlike copd it can be reversible. All the best, Deborah: healthunlocked.com/user/dgr...

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Deb5907 Welcome.

COPD is not the end of the world. Don't smoke and walk if you can - and don't let exacerbations get you down, they pass.

I have had COPD ( Emphysema) in my case for over 20 years and guess what, am still here chatting to you ;-)

'stone-UK' has made a post which covers most and yes, it matters what stage you are - The fact you have just been diagnosed with COPD makes me think probably you are at an early stage,

Eat healthy and don't smoke - You can't cure COPD but you can make life tolerable.. just seen you numbers so have a great Christmas..You will always get support on here

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And so glad to have met you Ern007..I feel so blessed that so many caring and wonderful people have taken the time to reach out to me..their touch has healed and calmed my panic and anxiety..to listening and learning..your message brought a long lost smile..the compassion you and everyone has shared is a gift of love and understanding..

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Hello Deb, welcome to the site. Think we all know how it feels when first diagnosed, scary being just one word that springs to mind. However with time and proper management it can be controlled and give you a reasonable life style. Hope to speak to you again soon, enjoy christmas.

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Hi Deb5907, I have read all the replies to your Fears.

Everyone is Different with their COPD as you are now probably Aware. You shouldn't be scared, it's not a Death Sentence. We all have to Listen to our Respiratory Nurses, they know best, or your Hospital Consultant. You will have everything explained to you very Clearly and take things one step at a time. Yes, It was the Cigs that started me off, History now, so being Positive is the only way forward. I had to give up my Job and 3 years ago went on Oxygen. 18 months I was put on the Transplant List...With each new challenge comes a determination to Fight and share your thoughts with family & Friends...I go to Pulminorary Rehab, Breathe Easy Classes and The Gym, three times a week, all with my Best Friend " Scouse Oxygen" he goes with me everywhere, even in Bed with me, Hubby doesn't mind though. You have to be Positive and Plan ahead...Have laughs along the way, and with this Bunch on here you will certainly have a few Laughs at their Antics... I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Positive 2018...Carolina XXX

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Ty so much. ..sends hugssss

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When I was first diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, MAC, MAI, and recently Psedomonas I was so sad. As time goes on you get use to the changes in your lungs, and u develope a warrior type attitude. I will gladly help you through this journey...it's like grieving a death, only this is loss of health💕

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Thank you so much Megan..I would really like that..please

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Hi Deb, Welcome to the gang and I hope you get from it what we all get - support. You are not alone and while it is no joy ride it is something you can deal with. Of course a Positive Mental Attitude helps but that takes a while to develop. I was diagnosed with emphysema and bronchiectasis about 9 years ago and right now I am sitting in the sun in southern Spain - so things can be OK! I have had fairly serious other issues but COPD is the main issue.

I was a heavy smoker until giving up in 1993 but it was way too late to avoid COPD.

I see Stone has given you some good advice but I would suggest you make good use of HU - it is a very useful forum and I have found it hugely useful. I would also ask your COPD nurse to look into whether there is a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course in your area - I have been twice and it is a very helpful programme.

I shall write again next time I see you writing.



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Ty so much..I am amazed ..your in Spain..that brings a smile to my face

I lived in Costa Blanca for 28 Years. Look at our Profiles. there are a few here Learning another language and a couple I can converse with in Spanish. My Grandchildren are Spanish and recently have been here to have an early Christmas with me. I do miss Spain, I am planning to return once I have had my Transplant, at this moment I can't travel, waiting for my call, I know I shouldn't , but I'm only Human and wouldn't want to miss the Call. take care. Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo...happy New Year and a Prosperous new year. xxx

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I was told 2 years ago would need oxygen started to go round stores pushing their trolleys which helped with breathlessness keep walking if possible exercising as much as possible also started sniffing Eucalyptus Oil which help to clear the airways & nurse at the Chest Clinic said it is excellent for that. As already mentioned Pulmonary Rehab Courses also excellent sometimes I have to force myself to eat as appetite is small but we use an awful lot of calories breathing. Make sure you have Inhalers I also have tabs to thin the Mucous which are a tremendous help. Some doctors know more about COPD than others & will help get the right meds/treatment. This is an excellent site for advice from others & you are never alone here

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i think deb we have all felt like you ,at sometime , ,I had a cough ,I was sent for xrays , I was told I had copd in bottom of my lungs , wham !!!!! I had never really understood it ,so googled it , like you I thought I was going to die with in weeks that's how nieve I was , when I need assurance I come on here & express my fears , someone always answers you , I do feel for you ,but like me the more you learn the better you will feel , good luck deb x

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Welcome to our group. Sorry to hear you are scared. It's quite daunting at first. I was diagnosed earlier this year. Like you I needed answers. We'll hun, ask away, there's always someone on here that will reply, give you comfort.

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Can someone please tell me if 67% moderate or mild I am confused and looking this up has sent me to things I dont understand

Was informed a while ago under 50% need Oxygen try to walk as much as possible even when struggling do some deep breathing exercises sniff Eucalyptus Oi as it clear the airways. i know it is extremely hard at times but we have to keep moving as much as possible & eat enough which I find very hard XC

Hi Deb I'm new to this site and was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. I felt the same as you when I found out. I'm at the moderate level. I still think I'm in a bit of shock over it. I am now looking after myself a lot more and listening and taking in advice all the time. I hope things seem a bit easier for you now. I do feel for you. Jill x

Thank you Jill..

Hi Deb have just been having a read .like most on here I found out about 2yrs ago and it was terrifying I’d already been off cigs for about 10yrs I am in the mild class which doesn’t seem to affect me to much thoughts with you

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