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Oxygen condenser airflow 2 later

Oxygen condenser airflow 2 later

- x2 Rechargeable Slim line batteries

- x1 Carry bag with side battery pockets

- x1 AC worldwide mains adaptor

- x1 DC Car power supply

- x1 Slimline battery to unit cord with on/off switch

- x1 Slimline battery charging cord

- x1 Accessory bag

- x1 User Manual

- x1 additional slim line battery ( optional extra)

All in a portable bag

Don't hesitate to get in touch if interested

Paid over £2,000 for it

I want 900 for it it is 2 later

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Hi Pipo,

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Thanks, Annie


Can you please tell me how long if I am out and about with this the batteries would keep me going for if both fully charged?


battery lasts 3 hours

Each battery lasts an hour and a half you can buy batteries which go longer


Thank you I need to give it some thought as its a lot of money knowing I would have to buy new batteries which last a lot longer. I would be looking at around 5-6 hours use.


No problem

If it is any help the batteries charge fast

Through 12 volt or



Ok i shall try and find out how much the belt is that would give me the extra hours I am looking for


If it's any help what

Ever the belt cost

I will take half the price of


That means

If the belt costs

300 I will take

150 off the price of the machine

The belts are good

They can last up to 8 hours


That is most kind of you let me do some research and then I will come back to you


That is no problem

As I have the same condition

COPD and angina

As everything else in life

Everything costs an arm and a leg for disabled people


The flow rate is set at 2 litres and is not adjustable.

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Surely you need to know what flow rate it can provide before buying it? Always make sure it provides more than you currently need so it will last longer if your requirements increase with age.


It is 2 litre