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Safe to use Pulmicort inhaler with Nebuliser?

Hello All.

I have been using a Pulmicort inhaler for a couple of weeks (for thickened bronchial tubes resulting in bubbly cough, blocked/runny nose, unable to bring up phlegm - all being diagnosed, had HRCT ‘ blood tests)

Just remembered I have a never used nebuliser from Lidl. Could make my own saline solution and try it. Safe to use with the Pulmicort inhaler?

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Hi Beachbird. I don’t think that it would be safe to make your own saline for nebulising into your lungs. Concentrations of 3% 7% or 9% are assessed and prescribed by consultants before patients nebulise them to loosen mucus. The concentrations need to be very precise and the water should be sterile. You can possibly buy 0.9% from the chemist. I have bronchiectasis and this is the only concentration that I am allowed to use to nebulise because higher concentrations can have adverse effects. You do not seem to have a diagnosis yet and so I would suggest steaming over a bowl of plain water and doing some breathing exercises to loosen the mucus until your consultant tells you the way forward. If they prescribe nebulising saline they will also advise you the timing of this with your inhaler.


Thanks so much for reply. An Italian friend said ‘everyone’ uses them over there, so I purchased one when I came across it in Lidl a couple of years ago, but never used it.

I will take your advice and just use a bowl of warm water for the moment, with a couple of menthol crystals (I do when I have cold/coughs with menthol tablets).

Can ask the specialist when I see him.


Yes I think that is the better idea. You can have the water really hot and steamy. I had a steam room made in my home and that is useful. I’m sure that your specialist will be able to give you the right thing. I have found that there is very little control over some things in other countries and the possible consequences of doing some of them makes my hair stand on end! Have a lovely Christmas.

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