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Developing new treatments for COPD – opportunities in Manchester and London

Hi all,

NICE, the people who decide what drugs should be prescribed in the UK, have asked for some help. They want to understand of what matters to people with COPD when developing new treatments.

They’re looking for two people who can share their experiences, initially by having a few phone calls with the team, and then at a meeting. The meeting will be in Manchester or London.

Do you have moderate or severe COPD, take regular medication for your breathing and either

•Have a productive cough, or

•Have had a moderate or severe exacerbation?

If so, you could help them with this work.

The face to face meeting in Manchester is being held on the 18th of January from 12.30 to 4pm.

The one in London is on the 15th of February, also from 12.30 to 4pm.

Your expenses will be paid, plus a fee to cover time spent on a pre-call, the meeting, and comments on the report.

If you want more information or to take part, please contact Sarah Richards. You can call her on 0161 870 3267 or email her at Sarah.Richards@nice.org.uk.

Thanks guys and merry Christmas!


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