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Got my emergency meds just incase

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Cons gave me script for Clarithromycin. Just incase I got chesty over Xmas, hopefully won't need it, but good to know I've got a plan in place.

I can't take Erythromycin but apparently this one is not the same and you only need it twice a day not 4 times like Erythromycin. This one has lot less side effects apparently.

Now I know my lovely consultant is wonderful and knows her stuff so it's not that I don't trust her but I'm a natural worrier and as the Erythromycin made me feel pretty bad I am still a little sceptical about this new med, so wondering if anyone else has ever had Clarithromycin before and has experience with it?

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Hi I have had clairomycin before and not had any side affects unlike the other one . Hope same for you . Merry Christmas

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Often.. Not as bad as erythromycin yes but hard on the body, worth if you have a proper full blown chest infection..what did he give you 500mg for 7 days? Make sure you take your Omeprazole 40 or what you usually take, digestive enzymes or probiotics,

I am not a Happy Fran with antibiotics I had it with a plateful of rice 3 times a day.. and watch your can give it was one of those where I started feeling better after the 6th day..but I had it repeatedly..probably resistant to it nowadays. I don’t use it anymore.

Hope it works for you.

Take care x

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Thanks, yes it's 7 days 500mg. I always take probiotics everyday anyway and double when I'm on abs. I'm hoping I won't need it anyway, just got head cold at present no cough. Well no more than I always have anyway. I always expect some tummy cramps and toilet issues I can handle that it's the headaches and dizziness I don't like that I can get with things.

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I didn’t get headaches and dizziness

I got awful metallic taste in the mouth and nausea..

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Hi........may I ask ......when taking Erythromycin were you also taking Prednisolone.?

I can take Erythromycin and Prednisolone but NOT together. They made me quite unwell.

This reaction is a problem doctors seem to forget about.


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No I have Prednisolone

Yes! It's one of the few that's worked for me. Doc advised me to take with food rather than an empty stomach. Ethromycin almost killed me off once! Never again. With luck you won't need it but really great to have some. Great con 😃

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Blimey that sounds bad. For me Erythromycin gave me terrible tummy ache and bad headache that lasted for a good month. The specialist I have been seeing who is brilliant said that it is an older form of ab and they shouldn't really use it anymore, she said Clarithromycin has superseded it and is far less likely to cause problems, also you only take it twice a day rather than 4 times like I did with Erythromycin.

I am so worried about meds as so often they seem to cause more harm than good.


I've had clarithromycin and have yet to have any side effects, it does me for chest infections together with prednisolone. It's one of my standby meds which I take wherever I go. Just got to watch the expiry date. You should be fine on this mixture


I use a 10 day course of Clarithromycin 500mg every 12 hours but always take with food and a strong dose of probiotics like Ultra Levure. No tummy problems at all. Also take predisolone 30mg for 3 days, 20 mg for 3 days, then 10mg for 3 days. In the middle of a course at the moment and happy to say well on the mend.

Good luck! Mx

WARNING! Have to report that the Clarithromycin antibiotic has damaged my Achilles tendons!! So angry as my doctors know that I had the same problem when using the Fluoroquinolones.

Tendonitis is not shown on Clarithromycin as a possible side effect, but if you google it there's loads of research on it ... particularly with the over 60's and combining with prednisolone.

Not as bad (yet) as before but scared it's going to result in me being off my feet .. yet again.


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