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Not your normal reflux

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Hello...Sorry..this is a long ramble, My 13 year old had reflux as a baby and toddler but it seemed to just right itself. Now, for the past almost 2 years, he'd terrible sore throats when laying down and in the mornings, difficulty breathing and rhinitis he's lost weight. For ages he was just given nasal sprays and told he had allergies. I recently discovered that if he props himself up at night, doesn't eat late and takes gaviscon at bedtime..he has zero rhinitis, no sore throat and generally feels better. I told GP that I suspected it could be something to do with digestion or reflux and he has referred him to a GE who's put him on PPI's. told to "see how it goes". I've read though that they are not the solution as night time reflux that gets into nasal cavities and upper throat is caused by pepsin? Anyone else know anything about this? Desperate for some answers. ps. The gaviscon seemed to relieve him better than PPI's!!!

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I find Gaviscon better than anything else too, it's very good. He could prob do with a steroid nasal spray? Also a nasal rinse (Neilmed) to do early evening very natural and helps clean the sinuses.

I do think though that when you see the specialist you should ask them to investigate the cause of this, as ideally you don't want to be taking meds forever, PPI's long term can have side effects. Firstly an allergy test would be beneficial and a camera up the nose to have a good look. For the reflux an endoscopy and PH test, maybe a scan of that area too. You may have to be very insistent with this mind.

As he's young it would be good to sort it as it will hugely benefit him in later life.

Good luck x

I don't need to take anything since following advice on here to raise the head of my bed a few inches. This stopped the reflux altogether.

Hi would agree with the sound advice. PPI's really aren't good long term and especially on the young. They reduce sodium/salt in body and that can have neurological problems like confusion nausea etc. Best thing you can do it raise bed look at diet ask to see a nutritionist or go private to get advice on diet buy a gerd receipe book and get allergy testing done. All the best.

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Hi...... Have you tried to prop the head of the bed bed has two house bricks each side under the top end ......

It's difficult to restrict food and fluid intake for his young man ,but perhaps if his last intake was at least three hours before bed time maybe that would help.

It's awful and particularly at this time year one of year but careful diet could give relief.


I have reflux which is horrible, I feel as if something is stuck in my throat all the time and it affects my voice, it gets croaky and I have to keep trying to clear my throat. I saw a specialist and he prescribed Gaviscon Advance and Lansoprazole 30mg and they have worked really well. I hope it gets sorted out because it is a miserable complaint xx

Look into Apple Cider Vinegar, (organic is better and with 'Mother' better still.) many say ACV is far better than any PPI or acid reducer.

Google 'Is apple cider vinegar better than Gaviscon. '

You need high acid to break down food, Gaviscon and other similars lower stomach acid, lower stomach acid doesn't break down food so well so the food hangs round in the gut giving off it's own acid, it is this acid that causes acid reflux.

Apple Cider Vinegar made my reflux much worse & caused me great pain. The BEST advice I've ever received is that mentioned by Toci ie raise head of bed by 5 or 6 inches. Can't believe the difference it's made!

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