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Fantastic Rehab Team

This Morning I Thought our Rehab may be cancelled and possibly no one will venture out in the Heavy snow we had in the Midlands....What a Brave lot and all the Newbies, well done To Our Rehab Staff, and all the Group who turned out in this weather. A Good Exercise Session for all. My Next one today would be our Breathe Easy Exercise Class, Unfortunately, that one has been cancelled...much further for everyone to Travel.......I am now waiting indoors for my New Oxygen Hand bag to arrive, no more Wheels.....Wishing you all well and BREATHE. xxxx Carolina XXXX

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Never underestimate the Huff & Puff Brigade 😉

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Sadly my Singing For Breathing had to be cancelled today. Its in North Wales and the roads are icy. And there are many roads with deep snow.

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