Good evening hope all are well , just wondering if anyone has bought the aero sure and if so does it work ?, it’s quite expensive and don’t want to buy it if it doesn’t do anything 😳

Thanks in advance

Cales xx

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There is lots of discussion about this cales -

Is it the same as this flutter device I’ve heard about ?

No, I haven't used either but I believe the aerosure has a motor. I do recommend reading the older posts as there is a lot of input there. I must say most of the reviews are not good on here.

Thank you 😊

Hi cales. I have had an aerosure medic for several years. I find it far more effective than any of the other flutter type devices because of the motor. However, we are all different I have bronchiectasis, not COPD. IT’s a hard decision to make without being able to try it first. If you do buy one, remember that you can get it vat free.

I use a flutter device, which was free from my physio, it works very well at clearing the mucus (for Me) at some clinics you are able to try the devices first before buying .

The aerosure is sold as an exercise programme so it's nothing like a flutter device. The measure I use before I purchase anything medica, is this......if the item has been medically tested and approved, as a disabled person I can by it VAT free. The aerosure is not available VAT free. I purchased a Powerbreath, which was vat free and cost me just over £24.... Not only that but I can go on line to various hospitals up and down the country and download more exercise recording sheets. It does help too. If you work your way through all of the exercises, you think..." Finished with that then,".... but you haven't. Keep it handy and if you have an Asthma attack or have an episode of poor breathing, get it back out and start again. I do take the precaution of not using it when I have an infection or my breathing is bad, basically for the same reason you don't take a spirella test..,your lungs have got enough to do without you pushing them further.

"..if the item has been medically tested and approved, as a disabled person I can buy it VAT free. The Aerosure is not available VAT free."

Says it all really.

Reading some of the reviews on here and other places it seems for some it works and others it doesn’t but it does say on the web site that it’s vat free for disabled 😳

It's still over £100 more expensive.

I got mine vat free

I’m pretty sure I got mine VAT-free! but it should say on the website. I don’t think it does any more than the acapella EXCEPT in one important respect ie the motor means there is much less effort involved, especially if you have trouble breathing out for more than a few seconds. So I think it depends on your breathing. I don’t use mine every day but have found it very helpful when I’ve got an infection & am really exhausted

I purchased an Aerosure about a month ago now, and have been using it daily for the recommended 5 mins twice a day. I think it might be something you have to use for a while before you see any results. Sometimes I think I see an improvement in my breathing and sometimes not (I wonder how much is in my head). I can imagine it would be mostly helpful for people who really struggle to exercise. The website states that by having a motor it creates resistance and makes your lungs work harder. I looked at their studies on there site but I couldn’t really understand what they were saying (too much jargon). I know opinions are very divided when it comes to this device and I think the price is expensive which puts a lot of people off. Good luck with your decision. 🤔🤔🤗🤗