Fran one in a million,

After saying goodbye to Fran and my Family twice a couple of years ago which was heart-breaking remembering their faces, But on Sunday after months of constant pain & viruses all because of my RA, I looked at Fran and said I don't to be here anymore my body has had enough my mind is not in the place were it's normally is and that's a happy positive great to be alive mode. The look on her face when I started to cry and said it was hurting me to watch her doing everything for me and seeing her pain in her face every time she looked at me, When she held me all the thoughts I had just disappeared and the selfish thoughts went with them, Some off you have been here and know were I'm coming from.Mattcass

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Don't sign off yet Matt - Fran won't mind what she does at all. It's called love. :) Keep fighting.

That's so touching Matt. She certainly is one in a million. Wishing you all the best.

Fran is amazing Matt and loves having you by her side. It’s not nice to see the man you love in pain but love gets you through.

Hold on to each other Xxxx

You have been to hell and.back Fran has been with you all the way and will continue too be. by your side

You take care I think of you often


I’ve been in the position of Fran three times during my marriage. My husband had mental issues, rather than physical, but I never thought of giving up the fight for and with him, even though every day was a battle. There were times when he said he’d had enough and wanted to give up, but we battled through it together, and will have been married forty years on the 10th December! Please don’t give up, Matt. You have lots of experience to share with us, and we’d all really miss you!

mattcass not really sure what to add to what your friends have already expressed, other than times can be so hard especially this time of year. You have shown such strength over the months,Fran too. With huge respect I send you good wishes for Christmas & New Year!!

We do indeed Mat but they are not selfish at all - you have been completely overwhemed. The love you and Fran have for one another is heart warming and I am sure she knows you would do the same for her if it were the other way around.

Your family needs you Mat and we need you. You are an inspiration to us here.

Keep on keeping on lovely.

With love


Hope you soon start to feel a little better and you get some relief from the pain. Joyce

You have so much to stay for . Fran's love shows how lucky you are ....

Stay a little longer there's a whole lot more to share ..


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