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Choose your supplements very carefully

I posted a few weeks ago as was struggling to breathe and felt very different from usual asthma and bronch. Just couldn’t breathe in and had been getting worse and worse. ENT referral obtained but need to update you.

Saturday I was so bad an ambulance was called. Two weeks of steroids and regular inhalers doing nothing. They were completely puzzled. Pulse and BP fine, oxygen levels good- just couldn’t breathe. No sharp pains just concrete block on chest feeling. Left me resting as hospital means higher risk of infection and I started thinking. What has changed in the past month since this started. Well I started taking high dose Omega 3 capsules. Quick internet search showed they can cause severe shortness of breath in some people! Wow! Stopped them immediately and apart from lungs feeling raw from all the drugs and the effort of the past month my breathing is nearly normal. I never considered for a moment something like that could cause such a problem.

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Good grief, who’d have thought it? So glad you’re ok now. Yes we do have to be very careful. Thanks for the warning 👍


Ohhh good to know I was recommended Omega 3 to lower my cholesterol!! I asked the respiratory specialist he said he wasn’t sure about the benefits of Omega 3.. so I’ve been taking one soft gel out of 2 for a while..no change really..


Jeez, lost for words. So glad you feel better now.


Thank. Goodness you found the source of your problem and have remied it hope you feeling a bit Better x


OMG Sparky. Glad you got the bottom of the cause and thank you for warning us.



That's very interesting to know Sparkywoo .Thankyou for taking the time to warn us. Take care,Sheila x


Thanx for that - just bought some so will be very wary of taking them now x


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