Good morning ☀️

20 mns guided morning meditation on healing..needed that..

Wakey wakey cold nose..

Have a good day xx

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Thanks Fran xxx

You’re welcome Carole xx

Carole??...😂 not again...

x Anne x

Anne oh my.. I am lost I shall make a list..Sassy is Carole..so so sorry

It's ok it made me laugh 😁. Its very early and I know you love me really...😍

I do I do Anne!! 😃 I was up early..Bea has just left for her hospital appointment so I hope they sort out that ophtalmic shingles, the swollen glands are pressing on her optic nerve I got so worried..

I totally understand honey...I wish her the best of luck. I'll be thinking of her (and you) today xxxx

Thanks xx

Hope Bea is ok Fran xxx

She is texting me from inside the hospital, they are going to put her on antiviral drugs which they should have done last week and one said steroids are contraindicated so I can’t believe they gave her steroids..it is now the 6th day she has been on them..

Its good your in contact with her at least. I'm sure she's in good hands ❤❤

Thinking of Bea and wishing her well Fran. Xxxx

My middle name is Ann but without your “e” Anne. Xx 😂

Now you have lost me 😂

Aah! Its a good name...but then Im very biased 😉

Morning Happy,for some unknown reason i am awake at this ungodly hour whilst Scruffy like Aria continues to meditate in a feline dreamworld.enjoy your day too xx

Good morning Happy , have just listened to the Meditation found it very useful ,so thank you for that have a happy peaceful day X

I am glad.. I had to do 3 different ones this morning to feel I was ready to face the day..I like the Mindful movement ones best..X

Enjoy your Day Skischool and sleepy Scruffynounette xx

Good morning Fran.

I love your cat. xx 💗

Good morning Cas!! Thank you!

I am her grandmother!! Aria is Bea’s cat my daughter who talks to her in Italian and calls me La Nonna!! Very flattering..🌸🌷🌺


Thank you. Have fun. Aria is still tired it seems. 😀 xxxx

Now she’s hunting!! Xx

Uh oh typical cat. Our lovely departed Tessa used to catch mice Fran. Yuck! Xxxx

Sorry for your beloved Tessa..Mice 🐭 birds 🦅 lizards 🦎 .. xx

Thank you Fran. Tessa was 19 and had a good life. Xxxx

Thanks for that, Fran. Another grey day here! I’m trying to get motivated enough to decorate my Christmas tree!

Sorry for the grey, here grey too this morning..Yes We love decorating the tree!! My daughter will do it!! She is the appointed family designer 😃

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