Transplant team agree to Steriod increase mattcass

Sorry not been online been in a bad place with constant viruses RA sttetchin muscles and ligaments to a pain level which was and is so severe the transplant team have increased my Steriods to the max to keep me on the Active list. I will bounce back.mattcass

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  • So sorry to hear about your pain mattcass, terrible. Thinking of you. Peege xx

  • It’s good to hear from you but sorry to hear of your terrible pain. It must be a relief to be allowed to increase your steroid dose.

  • How awful for you Matt, wishing you all the very best and love to Fran too. Take care, here’s to better days ahead. Xxxx

  • Take care and keep on bouncing back mattcass. x

  • Keep faith. Things will get better

  • So sorry to hear you are and have been struggling so much. I hope you get relief from the increased steroids mattcas.

    love cx

  • So good to hear from you but sorry your in so much pain

    Take care


  • It's good to hear from you Mattcass, but not good to hear you are suffering so much.

    I hope they find something to get the pain under control. xx

  • Hope you get that transplant soon enough xx

  • Hello mattcass .

    Sorry to hear about your pain. Hang in there! xx 🌹

  • Wish you well x x x

  • Hope you get it sorted soon. My bendy bits are giving me gip too must be the weather.

    Be Well

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