A nice sunset over the lake

A nice sunset over the lake

There’s nothing like animals and nature to perk you up..

Yesterday I watched the otters on Blue Planet 2. Loved it.

And tonight this view of the lake..not a soul in sight..

Have a good evening xx


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  • What a beautiful serene picture. I love this time of year with the silhouettes the sunsets create. Thanks for sharing 😍

  • Glad you like it xx

  • It is really lovely, heart lifting! Thinking of you for tomorrow, Anne. Stay strong xx

  • Thanks...I'm doing my best x

  • How lovely. Thank youfor that Fran

  • You’re welcome x

  • Beautiful Fran. Is this by where you live? What is blue planet 2. A show on tv?

  • Hi Lin!!

    Thanks..Yes this is where I live, a small town or a big village by Geneva lake. I was not too happy when I moved here to look after Dad. London life was busy. I was bored to tears when I got here. Didn’t know a soul..I have met a few people now but still I had to leave my flat and my life behind.

    I appreciate the scenery most of all I must say.

    Blue Planet is an animal show on BBC One, do you have cable? Maybe on BBC America. I don’t know if it is on YouTube.

  • Oh ok i check it out on you tube i dont get that channel. This is concidered one of the most beautiful areas in the world! Its just lovely. I understand though if your use to the city. Such a nice daughter. Even if he don't respond happy hes sick and not feeling too well with those awful shingles. Im glad you distracted him the other day. Bless yoyr sweet heart! Xxx

  • Thank you Lin xx

  • I didnt even check out that channel...i checked out Lake Geneva,Switzerland! !!I watched 2 short you tube videos about all the sights there! The sking,castles,towns,the lake,cuisines,watches just simply breath taking! Know I have a place to your name and the picture you took of Lake Geneva was better than the sunset one on you tube. Wow all the snow. There was this one water park with circular slides,everything looked really stunning and CLEAN. Spas all the things in your shops! Very beautiful. Looks safe there too! You have a beautiful place London! Xxx

  • Wow.. you work fast 😊

    I expect they have nice videos..it is a pretty country. You know the grass is always greener on the other side and everything comes with a price xx 😃

  • Gosh, Fran! You're an endlessly so kind person. I've wondered how you moved from London to Switzerland 🇨🇭 Could your father not have moved to London?? I've spent years looking after both elderly parents, now just my almost 98 yr old mother, but they did agreed to move closer to me. I had a job and family of my own too. Sorry to be intrusive, but you amaze me! So kind! The photo is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your lovely home xxx ps Hope you're still safe from shingles!

  • Hi Penny

    I am not kind, that’s the way I have been brought up..it is just life..what can we do, we have to get on with things..well you know what it is like then dear Penny..

    End of 2013, Dad had broken 4 ribs!! His wife had just died he wasn’t the same man..and so it started..plus Mum down her end of the country one thing after the other..I have threatened to put them both in the same home 😃 they did meet again this summer I booked Mum in for a short-stay, they were at school together! But my matchmaking wasn’t conclusive 😉

    It was Bea,my daughter, who finally moved me from London at her request I had just been diagnosed with LAM..

    I believe those genes are dormant and under stress those MTor cells mutate and spread like cancer..So I never saw my home again 😢 or my friends or my job for that matter 😃

    I have passed grieving my old life, I had to turn that page to survive..our survival instinct kicks in when the time is right..well mine did anyway and I am thankful for that..so I have learned to say no, not today, today is a me day..

    I have put in place the best structure I could for them. Now is time for a breathing space..

    Shingles isn’t contagious so all of Bea’s hospital doctors have all told me so if they are not right I’ll sue them😂

    Have a good day Penny xx


  • I still think you’re very kind....to us here and to your family. Thanks for the back story on your move to Switzerland....I’ve been wondering!! So glad your daughter is able to be with you now....must be a great comfort and good company. I wish you both well with your health.

    Excuse the late reply but I’m feeling a lot better after a 3 month spell of flu/viruses etc. Thought I was never going to get to the end of prednisolone and the sleepless nights...though not doing too well tonight! Feeling better has led to a busier life.

    We’ve got deep snow here now, like you. ⛄️ Looks beautiful so far. We tend to get snowed in so I might change my mind if the heavy fall forecast for tomorrow (today!) traps us for a while. Went food shopping today, just in case. Sending good wishes from snowy Wales to Switzerland, Penny xx

  • Hello Penny

    Thank you so are you 😊

    Nice to hear you are feeling better at last. Wrap up warm to face the elements. The sun came out yesterday but the wind was bitter. Here I think that thin layer will turn into ice..I did some shopping, had lunch before I could face the trip back.

    Take care in snowy Wales Penny xx


  • Thanks, Fran. Yes, I'm wrapped up very warm if venturing out, including the 'scarfie' as I'm sure you are. My shopping trip (with coffee and a sandwich in my case for revival!) has paid off...we've woken to another 10cms of snow. It will be a home day today! Hoping my mother's cares make it through the snow...she lives nearer to main roads thankfully. It will be a phone call today! Take care, especially if you have ice underfoot...can be so treacherousBest wishes winging from snowy Wales, Fran. Penny xx

  • Falling heavily now Penny. I have a lady ready to take me up to Dad’s..We’ll see if we make it, if not we’ll turn back, she doesn’t have chains..

    Hope your Mum is ok..

    I am looking forward to the view but Dad sounds as grumpy as last Sunday!! Got the liquorice allsorts ready 😃

    It is turning into rain here, it will be treacherous if it freezes tonight..

    Take care xx

  • Sounds like quite a challenge, driving up a mountain in icy conditions. Safe journey, turn back if you need to, you'll have done your best xx

  • Terrible..I’ll post some pictures

  • Such a beautiful sunset Fran. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your evening too. Xxxx😘

  • Thank you Carole, you too. Just made an apple pie for Bea as a trial run for Christmas. I must say with her non-gluten flour and without a rolling pin it has been an experience!!😂 Hope it has a taste to it!!

    Have a nice evening xx

  • Hope that pie is good. Get yourself a rolling pin Fran. Xxx 😂🥟

  • I shall Carole!! Bea pinched a bit of the crust and gave it her approval!! Xx

  • Hi Fran once again another great photo . U really do know how to take the perfect shot and I for 1 thoroughly enjoy each photo u post so Thank you for them .. Hope u don't mind me asking but are you from France or Switzerland originally or I'm guessing London if not ? Just strange both parents ended up in other countries but seems to me both places (yours and France Ur mums) really really look beautiful on your pics especially some you took whilst visiting your mum xxxcan' wait for your Christmas album xxx you willbe taking orders if you carry on xx hope your feeling better since your upsetting day at dad's xx x

  • Hi Mel 💕

    I was born in France, I left for England I was 18, went to work there, stayed on and off, got married, had my daughter.

    My parents divorced, Dad went to work in Switzerland, so that’s why they live in different countries. I am profoundly French 😃 and I love England. I also worked in Switzerland and Spain. Teaching abroad is a rewarding experience.

    Oh I get upset because dementia is not easy to handle for a daughter but I know he is not himself. It was a long afternoon sorry I needed to vent, and I was tired.

    I am a lousy photographer you can thank the iphone 😅

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Thinking of you xx


  • Happy you are not a lousy photographer and you capture the essence of nature in your beautiful part of the world and it makes us all happy.so that's a double happy.now a little cream with that pie for me please.............skis and a licking lips scruff xx

  • You are sweet, I’ll cut a slice for you and Scruffynounette then xx

  • Stunning x

  • Thanks Shirley x

  • Lovely photo, everyone should have a calm and peaceful place.

  • Thsnk you 😊

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