I would like to know why only 1 ventolin inhaler is prescribed at a time..I find it more stressful to have to ring up dispensary to be told notdue yet, so need to go to dr.. sometimes 1 lasts a long time, when bad like this time of year use more. Anyone else experienced this.

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I order 2 at a time with my Spiriva I also get 2 at a time I think it depends where you live speak to your GP practise

I too order two at a time

Me also 2 and 2 boxes of ventolin nebules and.a nebuliser thrown in to sweeten the deal only because of the respiratory nurses recommendation She did say it winds her up people only getting 1.

I've always got 2 Ventolin without any problem.

I didn’t know that, on bad days I can use mine 3 times a day ?..Sam

You can use your rescue inhaler 4 times a day and the nurse told me if you have copd use when needed xx

you are not alone,my surgery always pulls the same stunt,have words with the Gp to prescribe min of 2 on each repeat.......S&S x

The current medical attitude towards ventolin is that it should only need to be used 3/4 times a week and if it is more then the preventer inhaler might need increasing or changing. This is why surgeries are reluctant to provide more than one at a time.

In my case the preventers cause thrush problems as soon as I use them so they keep throwing boxes of ventolin at me to keep-me quiet, I must admit the nistatin fungal stuff does taste better with a cup of Yorkshire tea and the copious amounts of ventolin doesn’t really hit the spot.

I know what you mean Alan.

I didn’t know that, I may use mine 3 times a day, on bad days. ? Sam

I use mine at least twice a day and I order a new one every month.

I get 2no problems plus nebuliser nebs on repeat prescription


What’s your recommended dosage.

Mine is 2puffs 4 times a day. Which equals a 25 day supply. So you either need a new repeat every 25 days or two if your GP is using a 28day or 30day repeat system.

Although I rarely use it I order every 28 days which is what my Surgery operates.

Thanks for all replies..usyally manageable but this time of yr, chest infections etc need it more...use nebukiser night time.

As I only order what I need every 28 days I'll ensure that over the summer months I order an extra couple of Ventolin to ensure there is alway a standby in times of emergency. They've usually got a long use by date.

I wonder if you've an infection, at the very least an exacerbation? when you'll always use up more, if not then I'd suggest your symptoms aren't under control! Anyway, they absolutely cannot leave you without any. Cheek

2 of each every 2 months..

I always get 2 every time I order it. I been getting through at lot lately as using it every 4 hourly on the advice of my doctor. She trying to wean me down slowly as I had a really bad time of it lately and still getting a cough when it wears off.

Yes I have , got really annoyed with doctor, I get two now , but just silly having one xx

I ask for more than one as I want one in my coat pocket in the car one upstairs and one downstairs I don’t think that’s unreasonable . It would be helpful for Ventolin to have the countdown numbers as Fostair does , I don’t think your doctor would object Sam

Never seem to.. have to see dr themselves..I totally agree with having a countdown number.

I can use mine more than 4 times a day when bad. A lot less with reasonable weather. I start to stress when getting near the end, try and make drs appointment in order to get one, cant always get appointment...Must be a better system

Is yours not on repeat? Surely it is then you just request a repeat but if you are using it when bad 4 times a day that signal a visit to the doctors

It is on repeat, but dispenser wont let me have if too early...Sometimes I need more..I take nebuliser and 2 other inhalers byt recently bad cold, affects breathing and bronchiectasis coughing constantly..Making me more breathless.

Not sure I understand why surely you need to see your doctor first and then explain the situation and then they will understand. I never know when I going to run out I just shake it and try and work it out from there. I have 3 on the go at the moment one using currently as my main one on a reducing dose from doctors. One in my handbag which get use more than the one in my rucksack which get used less.

I can understand why they want to be careful.

My doctor always gives me 2at a time

Ive been told only allowed 1 at a time. crazy

Do you have heart problems or any contraindications? Because I stock up when I go abroad, In Barcelona for exemple they only cost 3€ and you get the proper Ventolin evohaler not the cheap ineffective salamol. Get a copy of your prescription with you even the repeat slip on the side is enough.

I didn't know there was another type I hate the one I have Salamol after a couple of uses it clogs up all the time it also makes me feel worse at times x

Yes..That’s the generic, useless, soft plastic that’s why. I repeatedly told the GP about it when I was in England so for a while he gave me Ventolin until he got told off by the practice manager! So I bought my own as I explained above.

For the other inhalers it was a different affair because when they started dishing out fostair instead of seretide he told me Fostair cost 45£ to the NHS and Seretide 250 55£ but I said I have to take 8 puffs a day of Fostair and only 4 of Seretide so tell her to do the maths..finally they downgraded me to a cheap generic for that too..I had infection after infection..

I started to come to Switzerland to look after Dad end of 2013 so I went to his GP here, got all meds on the EU card and it changed my life. A mess honestly. Health is all about money it is disgraceful.

Take care of yourself x

Totally agree it has become so bad we are withheld what we need has a nation we are grateful for the NHS but the care has become so scratchy ?and have to fight to get proper treatment ,Oh to be rich x


I order 2 at a time xx

It used to happen to me dispite respiratory nurse advising doctor I needed more. I changed doctors after 55 years and now get 2 per month and if doing well I don't always order any for that particular month.

This is crazy, dangerous even, what if you lost it when you were out?! You’d have to wait until you could get a replacement. It’s supposed to relieve your symptoms immediately they start, you shouldn’t have this worry. I have them everywhere, next to bed, in car, handbag etc. My GP wouldn’t dream of rationing them, they last longer this way anyway. I also get the proper Ventolin brand, don’t know why but it’s never been changed to generic & I agree with Happylondon, Ventolin is best. I use the nebules too, when I have an infection.

If you can’t get an appointment, write a personal letter to your GP & explain the situation. Also, when you’re not needing it so often, stock up as peege suggests.

I too have no trouble in ordering two.Although I have COPD and heart failure, I have been told to take up to ten puffs at a time when necessary, which is the same as one session on a nebuliser (which I haven't got). It can be life threatening if you don't have a spare handy and GPs who say they can only prescribe one should be reported.

Thanks for all your replies...I will certainly mention to my gp...

You can buy them from chemist without prescription. Then you will always have enough. Be careful of over use! It can cause fast heart rate and Twitching.

Be wEll


I have such difficulty persuading my practice to give me another! Only one at a time, and that begrudgingly - you had one last year so why do you need one now? Yet that is a part of my regime.

Its ridiculous..I get 2 x fostair, but refuse ventolin....I will keep trying.

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