Hi, I'm trying to deal with my copd, I seem to have bouts of anxiety and shortness of breath in late afternoons, even if I'm just sitting down. It comes on very quickly, I've checked my blood oxygen and is around 95%, don't know what's going on , I'm taking 10 mg prednisone daily plus salbutamol inhaler as needed, which is quite often and Inspiolto Respimat 2 puffs I'm morning. Was wondering if anyone else is having similar problems. Thanks.

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  • Hi

    I have same problem at tea time unexplained breathing problem, which as been put down to anxiety, for which I a take half tablet of Lorazepam.

    Plus half tablet in the morning. again for anxiety.

    Anxiety is not always fully undstood as it mimics the same breathing difficulties as COPD.

    You can only have a word with your respitory nurse or GP. and explain the symptoms and circumstances at which it occurs.

    Hopefully they will get to bottom of it and suggest a solution. It can be a problem when it comes on unexpectedly, can lead to full blown flare up.

  • Thank you, I will see the doctor again, but I don't understand why it comes on so suddenly even when I'm sitting down and feeling calm. I try not to take the salbutamol inhaler more than nessesary I thought perhaps it was contributing to it.

  • You might also mention to your doctor how often you are using the salbutamol because he may need to review your inhalers.

  • Thanks I will do that.

  • I think the clue may be in the salbutamol "as needed"........This can be tricky. It can lead to feelings of spinning, dizziness, palpitations etc that can bring about anxiety that in turn lead to breathlessness..Problem is, we each respond differently, but overuse of salbutamol can definitely trigger unpleasant issues.

    I was at one time dependent on salbutamol as my only relief and tended to overuse it and felt it was getting of less and less help..........Discussed with GP and now also have Fostair and Oramorph.

    My situation is improved by this change.

    Your improvement may depend on other medications or change in usage, best discussed with GP.

  • Morning Ruach and all. I very rarely use my inhaler and rely on Spiriva,Seretide and nebs as prescribed.(Sal. I know, but not ad.lib.) I'm pretty much house-bound anyway, so it's not an issue. However, I've recently been changed to Ellipta and Incruse and by late afternoon I'm struggling and waiting for my tea-time neb. It may be just an"acclimatization" period, but at the moment I definitely prefer my old inhalers.

  • Not taking puffs in the evening? Could be that..oxygen is ok.. could be blood sugar levels dropping..take a cup of tea 2 sugars and a biscuit xx

  • If you start taking too much Salbutamol it means you are not controlled and your inhaler or number of puffs needs reviewing. When do you see the doctor next? Do you have an action plan? Try the helpline..

  • Is there enough fresh air in your room? Sometimes if I open my window or stand outside for a bit, will do me good. I have heart failure as well as emphysema which wont help either, so hope your heart is ok.


  • I have always seemed to get the feeling my breathing is worse by early evening so much that I wont go anywhere in the evening ,When I have mentioned this to my nurse she has said its probably because I'm tired but to be honest I dont feel tired xx

  • As has been said above ... It was so important for me to get my daily ´preventative´ inhalers prescribed right so that my use of ´rescue´inhalers is only needed in increased exertion (or high anxiety) situations. Here in Spain they try to prevent the need to use Ventolin where ever possible and prescribe them sparingly so that they can monitor how well the daily inhalers are working.

    Back to your GP I think. Good luck Mx

  • Sanfelipe

    I think we all have these symptoms from time to time try to let them wash over you. Fretting about it does no good and sometimes can make the symptom worse. Try to get on with something, even watch the tv or read a book to get your mind active in other areas.


  • My Dr told me I have little air movement in my lungs what I do when I feel the way you do is without the medication I breath my nebulizer it helps me with air flow my Dr even suggested standing in front of a fan

  • Because my LexiCat and I both get up around 4am everyday (she to meander about outside before breakfast) and I...., well..., I just do.

    Anyway, by about 3 or 4 pm I begin tiring and getting more breathless than during the rest of the day. By then, I've been up 12 hours and have been fairly active, so..., yes..., I'm a bit weary. Others younger than me and healthier but on a more reasonable schedule get tired as well.

    I stay up til around 9pm so I generally get 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night. But I'm also 75 (in a few days), am an 'emphysemiac' (my name for 'our' tribe) and simply don't hold up as well as I used to, even though I no longer carouse, pick up strange wimmen or do any of the other things I did during my gloriously misspent youth.

    Ah well..., c'est la vie

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