A good walk!!

A good walk!!

December 1st

I had to start my shopping, sun was shining at 2 pm, I walked to town to look for stocking fillers. You can get on those house bikes but there’s nothing like fresh air..for the morale as well!

See whom I met at the bakery??

Have a good evening xx


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  • Glad you enjoyed your walk.

    Ho ho ho ...... xx 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

  • Very enjoyable thanks..haha..that’s the spirit xx

  • Hi beautiful couple. So happy Christmas almost here! Take care! XX

  • Hi Lin, not long now.

    Waiting for Christmas and new grandson! What will arrive first? Xxx take care xxx

  • How exciting! New baby boy to come. :) How marvelous

  • Oh it is Lin. Xxx💖😘

  • Joyeux Noel Francoise!! Ho ho ho enjoy your walk and the rest of your day .. your lam sister mel xxx

  • Thank you Sis 🎄🎄🎄 take care xxx

  • Hi Mel! Hoping all is ok dearest Mel.

  • Hi Lyn not too bad how r u doin ???

  • Mmmmm.....I have a house bike!

  • It’s ok 😃

    The Consultant recommanded it to me as well, 30mn a day especially in winter when we can’t get out.

    I got the cross trainer because I do work out the whole body, but a nice walk here in Switzerland in the fresh air, I felt oxygenated. I used to do it regularly last winter but it needs to be sunny if not I can’t take the mist and the grey..I was well wrapped up hoodie and all and it was invigorating xx

  • Wow the power of suggestion! Im going to crawl out of my comfort zone and put hoodie on and my mittens and coat and get out while the sun is clearing through the clouds. Thanks Fran I need to start exercises daily as house things are certainly not enough. I thank you.

  • You’re welcome Lin xx

  • Hi glad to see you're feeling festive and had a lovely Christmassy outing! I tried a trip out but to no avail...too early still. So I'm still not feeling the Christmas Spirit. But you have cheered me up lots! Thank you! xx

  • December is my month, my birthday is coming up and I am still here 😃!!

    We are still here Penny, our friends, maybe parents and children matter, we matter to them..Christmas is a jolly excuse to feel warmth but there will be other days, where little things mean a lot 💕

  • Yes I'm sure you're right. And I'll keep on trying don't you worry about that! Happy Birthday for whenever it is 🎁🎂xxx

  • Great xx Thanks!! A little while yet.. secret😉

  • My birthday is in December too, yesterday actually. I’ve just come back from a walk with my dog, Alfie, and granddaughter, Paige. It is cold and damp here, but I could hear carols being played on the carillon on the village green. Because of the bad weather it doesn’t feel Christmassy here yet.

  • Oh Happy Belated Birthday xx

    Hope the weather brightens up for you!!

    Today the northerly wind was deadly, blowing at 60 miles while I went shopping..

  • It isn’t windy here but I hate damp weather- give me a cold clear day anytime!

  • That's a very posh looking Patisserie Happy with gleaming furniture and a very elegant Santa.not many cheap pastries on offer i imagine,what did you purchase?whet my appetite xx

  • Hi nosey Mancunian😉

    It’s the village boulangerie patisserie café..I bought some quarters of confit orange dipped in chocolate!! They make them well, 2 packs for Christmas presents..🍊🍫🍊🍫

  • nothing wrong with curiosity and Scruffy said it never killed any cats:) they sound delicious and ever so extravagant,your Patisserie reminds me of most continental bakeries which always appear more enticing than our local bakers which tend to cater for less exquisite tastes though do some very nice down to earth local favourites.............Bread loving Skis and a yeast free cat x

  • Yes better than Greggs I had around the corner! I posted a picture for both your whiskers xx

  • Greggs are an embarrassment but much loved up north.i think i am just a bakery snob lol x

  • Is it? Well they sell cheap deals..I fancy a hot pie or a greasy sausage roll with a cuppa right now but their bread is industrial..here they make good ham croissant 🥐 and almond jam slices..I just look at them and have a black coffee 😢😢

  • i will air mail you a pukka steak and kidney pie or a hollands meat and potatoe which appear to be local favourites,they all taste good at a football match on a cold day though with a cup of bovril to warm you up x

  • Oh I would love it..Thank you skis and Scruffynounette xx

  • my pleasure watch the skies tomorrow.good night my dear x

  • Sorry but we love Greggs in the south too!!! Us welsh love a corn beef bake lol

  • Sounds tasty 😋

  • They are the best!!!

  • 🥟🥟🥟

  • I’m always good!! That’s the problem lol

  • Oh dear, have you been good?

  • 🤔🤔Good enough!! My list is ready!! 😉

  • I have been very good!! To good if I’m honest lol

  • Lovely to meet santa

  • Hope he will be very good to us!! 🎅🏻

  • How cute! Santa at the bakery! I can picture your walk in my mind and smell the fresh baked goods too! :)

  • Even though it’s cold the fresh air is so nice.

  • It is..you have to choose your days...Saturday was awful strong cold wind..

  • After almost a week of not leaving the house I had to take my Mum to 2 appointments, the fresh air was nice but so tiring x

  • Yes that is a good fatigue, fresh air fatigue..sounds like you are looking after Mum as well..

    Wishing you well xx


  • Yeah, she has COPD and also a chest infection. Hope you’re well x

    I love that you meditate each morning x

  • Merry Christmas from Victoria B.C. canada. Stay healthy.

  • Thank you Sanfelipe. You too.

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