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Hi just a quick update yesterday i was discharged with permision to go to Breathe easy xmas party was suppossed to go back but was sent home .I intended to reply to some of my mail today but have been very tired stayed in bed till 5pm dozing .District nurse came at lunch time she telephoned this afternoon to tell me the ward has forgot to refer me Back to matron even though i have letter saying rapid response and community matron so its all up in the air again .I have Been told i now have probable Broncheiectasis have to have extent accessed ..I also need a scan finished iv abs now on cipro abs need to come of az until 13 december so once again its a waiting game .I would like to thank everyone for there kindness and i will be answering posts pretty soon just a bit hiit for six at the momment thank you all x

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I am so pleased to hear of your discharge Margaret and hope that you soon feel up to the mark again. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. :)

Thanks I was suppossed to be discharged to rapid response. And Back on the matrons Book .The District nurse came yesterday and she found out that i hadnt Been rerefered ?She rang last night to say she had contacted the ward who apologised I have since had a phone call to say I will be reassesed on 11December 😷

I am pleased they are pulling it together for you.

Don’t you worry about replying Margaret, it’s just good you’re home now. I hope everything gets sorted out. Take care and love and hugs to you. Xxxxx

Thank you it all started to unravel again I was suppossed to be discharged to rapid response and matron informed of my discharge of course being me cant be plain sailing .The District nurse came she not coming again till 28 dec .She checked up and found out once again ive slipt through the net she contacted Matron who has phoned me and she is coming on 11dec hopefully i can stay out of hospital I have had to stop taking azhtrymicon till 13 dec just got on it as well love Margaret xxxx

Glad you are home though Margaret and hope you can stay out of hospital. Take care.

Love Carole xxxx


Hi Margaret so pleased to hear that you are home hope you enjoy the party and are feeling a lot better. Will get in touch tomorrow. Take care love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Hi Bernadette stayed in Bed today hopefully get up a bit tomorrow im really fed up with all the goings on with my care so silly to take matron away and have to wait for reassesment when hospitalised this is when you really need them when discharged xxx

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I agree Margaret, they did the same with me. Hope you start feeling better soon. You take care and stay warm. Love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Glad you are on the mend and home at last please take it easy

Thank you Lyn will feel more settled when ive seen matron 😷

Hi Margaret can’t beleve how you have come on in leaps and bounds since you first started posting , hope you can see it in yourself

Take care


Thanks Dorothy at the momment I am just playing waiting game till Back on matrons Book also waiting for aHRCT scan Best wishes margaret

i was discharged with permision to go to Breathe easy xmas party <-- that's great news.

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Thank you it was a nice afternoon But Been in Bed since 😷

Glad to hear your back home again. Enjoy your Christmas party.

Thank you x

Glad to hear that your home, hope you enjoy the party xx

Glad your home, hope your feeling a bit better. X x x

No need for further reply - just glad to hear you are home and hope the party is a good experience for you. Enjoy! xx Moy

What another mix up Margaret! Did they let you out of the hospital to go to the breatheasy party and then you were supposed to return to the hospital but they sent you home instead?? How awful. I hope you don't have to wait too long for your visits from Matron. Don't worry about replying to your messages, we can all read your news feed. Rest as much as you need to and keep Warm! Talk soon. Love Lilian xxxxxxx

So glad you're home again and you must take things easy, and I'm sure your wonderful hubby Frank,will take excellent care of you. Its a bit of a mystery to me when someone's in hospital and the docs "suspect" bronch in your case,that they wouldn't do all the necessary tests etc before you were discharged? Its like you've been allowed home but will be forever waiting for more appointments! Sorry to criticise our NHS but it does puzzle me. Anyhow its good you are at home and dont even think of venturing out today. Its blooming cold!!! Sending you some warm hugs,Cx

Hi caz spending the day in Bed like you say its cold when not sweating lol.Do you know i am sure someone is trying to keep me Down when i was released. I was asked if anyone needed informing I said yes rapid response team and community Matron about Lunch time yesterday District nurse came on her scheduled monthly visit .I told her about matron and rapid response she looked on her laptop and it wasnt there .Just Before 6 she rang me and said she had contacted the ward who apologised and said they would rectify it ..I got a phone call from matrons team this morning to say rereferal done then about hour ago they rang and said they where coming to do assesment on the 11dec they dont make it easy do they just got to hope i dont go Back inside in the meantime hospital i mean .The Doctor has ordered a HRCT scan why didnt they do it whilst i was in to see if it is Bronch .Im pleased i got the lorazapan Because im like a big quivering jelly lol .When I got the Az I was so pleased that i was getting something to keep infections down never lasted a week .Love Margaret xxx

So pleased that you are home. I hope that those people who are supposed to help you get their act together and do the job they are supposed to do!

That would be nice wouldnt it supposse can Dream .

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