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Hello I was rushed into hospital about six weeks ago with a high temperature of 42.6 and violent shakes all through my body .

After getting there around 3/15 am they check me outandsent me for a X-ray about 4/45 the results around about 20minutes and they told me that I have pneumonia so I was kept in for a couple of days . What I would like to know what damage could it have done ..

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Oh dear..poor do you feel?? If you feel well no point in looking back, if you are still struggling, if you get breathless you need to contact your GP and lung specialist, have a chest xray.

It will take a while for your body to mend and your immune system to recover.

This link under patient info will tell you more about recovery.

Take good care.


Feel better soon and glad you git such good care. Take time to recover and contact your GP if you need to. Xx

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hello peterbarlow01 u wud like2 no wot damage cudve been caused since being diagnosed wid pneumonia..

u cudve damaged ur lungs.

collecting more mucus in ur lungs but not be able 2shift it.

find it difficult bring up.

u can cough but 2no avail nothing rises just collects

finally u will find urself feeling tired an full of fatigue.

I had pneumonia 4times over a 5mth period. I keep getting chest infections I don't no y but i do an every time i get an infection I get pneumonia


Possibly no damage, lots of people recover and never have further problems. It is advisable to have a follow up chest X Ray about 8 weeks after the first to check that the infection has gone, so I would suggest you ask you GP to send you for another one.

If you feel a chesty cough or get breathless in future go to GP and get Amoxicillin to stop it in its tracks, if you feel you are getting more coughs colds etc then they need to look into why. It is common for pneumonia to scar the lungs but it can clear up in time. Pneumonia does not necessarily mean you will have Bronchiectasis or asthma, but if you feel breathing becoming difficult etc then have it checked out.


Hope you feel better soon.


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