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Healing copd with canabis oil

Hi there😁 I was a heavy smoker for over 33 yrs,,,i dianosed with copd in 2005 ,i still didnt quit however in 2012 i finally hD the mind set to quit, wich i did, i must say it was the easiest thing id ever challenged myself to do, almost 6 yrs with a smoke, fast forward to april 2016 had a heart attack due to the lack of oxyegen to my organs,,, i have been on ocygen since then, home oxygen and a portable as well as a scooter as my oxyegen levels drop wen i excerpt myself,,,, i just met with the lung transplantation doctors at toronto general hospital

They have offered me a set of donor lungs wen and if they come available, someone actually has to die in order to safe my life,,, im so grateful, however its not that simple i would have to take 24 pills a day anti rejection meds for the rest of my life, i have to with family members commit to rehab 3 times a week and the survival rate isnt up there, but i said to my kids even if i cld breath without struggling for 1 yr it would be worth it!

My daughter just bought me a bottle of canabis oil so i have started injesting this twice a day

I will keep tabs on my progress and let u know how its help!❤

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Hi Evak and welcome.

Sorry to hear of your cold worsening like that.

I have Moderate COPD and since stopping smoking 18 months after diagnosis, my Fev 1 has improved yearly, from about 67% predicted to 83 or 84%.

As for the transplant, it is entirely your decision and like you, I'd be dithering about it too but, I wish you the very best of luck, if toy decide to go ahead.

There has been other posts on here about Lung transplants too. Just type it into the search bar. xx

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