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Now I now but I always did lol

Well defibrillator in few weeks. And start on entresto my injection fraction is 10 heart failure stage 3 at 49 in dec copd asthma ankalosing spondylitis and all the delights that come with tones tablets inhalers fewweeks tiny apeal I feel so annoyed at the 18 month Pip change over 18 monthes without transport and full entitlement I could punch them if I had the spare energy stairs are to much huge waiting times. And all I have to look forward to is coughing up goo and gasping for air and being stuck in a house with me dog but he is a very speachal dog he is like glue everywhere I go he next to me sits on my foot so he mows am there bless him every day for the last two years three monthes since my partner passed my kids come see me all time but when they go I feel alone after over 10 heart stacks 4 stents and other illnesses am still here I just don’t now why and the point anymore , I need a beer lol or ten

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Have beer for me ... am sure not only one thinks whats poit it all about

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Hope you are able to feel more positive soon. Dogs are a great comfort aren't they and can judge your mood so well. Many blessings xx


That’s sone list of health problems Llokie, no wonder you feel down.

Good to have your loyal dog and kids visiting but hard to be alone too. We are here for you so post when you feel like it.

Thinking of you xxxxx


Yes, do keep posting. Think of us as the friends you've never met who you can chat with over a cuppa. Someone's usually around to say hello back.


You must be feeling physically awful so no wonder you are also psychologically drained, you are coping with so much at the moment. Heart failure is no joke, it is such a debilitating condition, my heart goes out to you.

If you feel like a beer, just have one if it will make you feel better ... what harm can it do? Hopefully, the defibrillator will give you a bit of peace of mind knowing that your heart can be jolted into functioning again. You are too young to have so much going on, I will keep you in my thoughts.

When your family is not around and your dog is asleep, someone on the forum will always be around to support you, you need never be alone.


Thank you