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I watched an article on the news a few days ago stating that people in receipt of DLA (which I'm sure many people on here who struggle to cope with a long term illness are receiving) are missing on approximately 28 days= 4 weekly payments.

The allowance is worked out what the entitlement is per week but it is being paid monthly. There are 7 months with 31 days and 4 months with 30 days does this mean approximately 29days of DLA is not being paid ?

Did anyone else see this report and will this money be back dated ?

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I understood that the benefit is paid every four weeks rather than monthly so the calculation is correct (but then my maths ....)

I thought it was paid every 4 weeks making 13 pay days a year .if paid monthly 12 pay day a year I get mine every 4 week

Benefits are paid every four weeks, that is 13 payments in a year. I have been on DLA for twenty years and have never had any problems. It isn't paid each calendar month because of the very obvious reason you pointed out, that the months are not equal in length. DLA and other benefits are in fact weekly benefits paid four weeks at a time!

Most monthly benefits are actually paid every four weeks making thirteen payments a year. I beleive payments paid weekly or fortnightly can result in an underpayment when circumstances change, this can also happen with council tax and rents. I thought all benefits were monthly nowadays, however I receive my pension every week not monthly, it was never changed.

Oh maybe it was ESA Stone-

Was curious....thanks folks 👍

I am on ESA support group and PIP enhanced, both paid fortnightly.

Both make a payment exactly 14 days apart. In the case of weekends and Bank holidays, Christmas etc, the payment is the nearest working day before the break.

Hi Keeppositive, I think you have DLA mixed up with the Old Age Pension, if your pension is paid monthly you do lose out which is why anyone money savvy should ask for it to be paid weekly. I was paid monthly until I worked out I was losing out. It is not difficult to change, a phone call will do it, but, do have your NH Number and DOB handy. Good luck anyone wanting to change. Maximonkey

You do not lose out on anything if you are paid monthly it is 12x52 divided by 12 .

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