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I have recently seen a consultant respiratory Physician for the first time since I was told I had COPD ,had it for some years. I have been under the impression that I had moderate COPD . After a chest X-ray and breathing test at the hospital the consultant told me I have MILD airflow obstruction??

My results were Fev1: 1.57. Fvc :2.49. Predicted 2.40/2.9 with a ratio of 61% this is very confusing. Could anyone explain please re how come he’s put me as mild. Thank you.

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Hi Chriskho

I'm expert but my results have proved each year too.

If you have stopped smoking, or are doing more exercise, the damage to your lungs stays the same but, your lungs have cleaned up and function better.

My Spiro test numbers have improved by 18 in five years.

It's good news xx


If you mean why your results appear to have improved then it's possible that as you are now a bit older than you were previously, (you didn't say whether you were first diagnosed 2 years, or 32 years ago) - that your results have improved in terms of expected results for your age. For example a young person with 'say' 50% of function might be classified as severe, but for someone 75 years old then 50 % function may be classified as mild because lung function naturally tends to decline steadily with age anyway.

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