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Home from VATS procedure.

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Hi everyone! Had the thorasic surgery. Wedge resections from the 3 lobes on right. Had chest tube which really is miserable. Glad its over. Will have biopsy info by end of this week possibly. I can't lift anything,or get back wet,but would love to. :( A raised toilet seat is coming soon this afternoon. They offered one so I accepted one! Hey it will be alot easier having something to hold on to...wow that sounded pretty pathetic ha ha. Oh well. :) xx

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I am sorry to hear you had a difficult op . I bet you are glad to be home. Hope the biopsy results are negative.

Stay strong x


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Lin76 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Fran I am very glad its over and home. I hope they are too,and CT is wrong :( I will be strong no matter what! I have great friends on this site who make my day and make me smile and realize theres someone always there or been through things and great advice and stuff. Its getting so windy and cold. It was 54 yesterday by weekend supposably 19 degrees! Ugh! I wanted to go outside,but I think I'll be indoors siping some hot coffee :) xx

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Hi Lin thinking of you..windy here too, colder than yesterday. Keep warm, coffee sounds wonderful Fran xx

Thinking of you Lin and hope all will be well. Take care. Love and gentle hugs. Xxxxx

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Lin76 in reply to sassy59

Just seeing my happy couple's note made me happy : xx Thank you both )

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sassy59 in reply to Lin76

Bless you Lin, take care. Xxx 😘

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Lin76 in reply to sassy59

God bless you both! Hes who got me through everything! Xx

welcome back Lin,Hope everything is negative and normal on your biopsy results,rest and chill on your elevated seat.......................love and best wishes skis and scruffy x

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Lin76 in reply to skischool

Hi ski and scruffy :) :) I could not get to the toilet paper I hated it and asked if they had a different kind,they had but not covered by medicare. I am able to use regular ha ha. Ok I giggled a bit and it hurt.......but it felt great too! Xx :)

Lin might be an idea to keep some loo roll in your pocket for a few days just in case 😊

Sorry you have and are having a rough ride Lin. Had draining tubes following lobectomy at 15 and agree it's not a great experience. Glad that's over for you and hope for good results and that you heal quickly.

love and gentle hugs


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Lin76 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Awwe at 15. So sorry. I hope you are doing ok. I'm so sorry that you are so young to have gone through such an experience. :( Gentle hugs taken that felt good and gentle hugs back and hope you feel mine! :) xx

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cofdrop-UK in reply to Lin76

Hugs gretfully received. Not young now Lin - 69 - the worst test we had, and many on here with bronchiectasis will agree, was bronchograms in the old days as kids - done with well intentions but barbaric. Wouldn't agree to it as an adult.


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Lin76 in reply to Lin76

Wow i can only imagine how awful it was back then :( Can only imagine. You had it tough,but obviouslt it made you stronger coughdrop-uk

Lin, get up and about as much as you can, do your breathing exercises with an Aerobika or other flute type devise, and practice pursed lips breathing throughout the day. It all pays off in a faster, more complete recovery. You are doing great! Kind Regards, judg69

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Lin76 in reply to judg69

Thanks,I have practices with incentive spirometer,its like your describing i think. Yes your so right,but I really been up and doing all myself. Just got a bath,man oh man I felt human again. Thanks for advice,I think I'll call physical therapy back later its 8am here so I read your advice and was feeling the opposite and your right,I need to keep doing more. This is so hard,as when theres no one watching you tend to underdo or overdo. I overdid all yesterday,I'm just so worn down,sad waiting for biopsy results has been kinda nerve racking. I thank you for the motivational note! I was going to rest today,but I'll try to stay active. I really can't use right arm strength,all was done on right side. Im very lucky though,as I read some very bad stories on the Langerhans community web site. Its a rare disease. I hope if i do have it don't spread all over. I know its going to be 2 CT reports said it was and the reader of the reports here is very good. Thanks again! I'm going to do call P.T. back. Ugh,so exhausted. Xx :)

Wishing you a speedy recovery, sounds like you have been through a rough time.

Thankyou so much. It has been quite an experience. Its been a bit tougher at home...Its just me here. I told Physical therapy to hold off a day or two as I just need to get a grip on things. Xx :)

Lin, you are doing Great! Best thoughts about your day, judg69

Thankyou Judg

Thank you Angie. Where is photo today? I loved that lil boy baby one,yes I said boy. You can tell by bone structures,plus Angie I guess,but I've not been wrong with these new ultrasounds 1x !!! So I would start looking now for baby boy outfits,they have 10x more for baby girls. Don't forget some new baby toys! My daughter has a son 16 a daughter 13 another son 2! My son has one son and he is 14. Its great being Gma! Thats my name,but my youngest calls me GG. I'll be looking for some photos! In my mind I'm imagining a walk and my arms swinging! So many encouraging words today to me! Xx :)

Hope you feeling better soon Lin76 i too had the vats operation on my right lung after a total collapse. Reading your post i was nodding my head remember it well i had to sleep with 6 pillows and sitting up, and sitting in a shallow bath and not getting your back wet but fingers crossed the pain and discomfort will ease soon i was starting to feel ok after about 4 weeks

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Lin76 in reply to tavymaid

Hi,wow you described the pillows and bath to a tee! I hope i feel better by Christmas! Thank you. I hope you are staying ok too !! I never want another surgery in my life.....I will be thinking about that 4 week remark! :) let the countdown begin!

Hi again Lin my vats surgery was 14th December last year and i was out walking (very slowly)over xmas with my hubby and doing little bits and pieces so fingers crossed you,ll be the same. All i can say it s really painful but it will get better soon i found the chest drains were worse then the actual operation i really hated them sadly for me i was 1 of the few the vats operation didnt work but its so very rare you,ll be fine take it easy and get plenty of rest

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Lin76 in reply to tavymaid

Hi again! Thank you for your encouraging words! :) Im doing ok but feel some other issues brewing :(

Hi Lin you sound well ,I want one of them toilet seats you're so lucky😊Xxxxxx alan

Oh Alan had an entire note wrote to you and i dont know where it went? The potty didn't work out. Very bulky and stuck out beyond a level of safety. I up walking slowly but walking. I was telling you about my clutsy self .......long story but I sleep walk occasionally. Last sept i dreamt i was walking my son's dog Emma with Gwen Stephanie (spelling???)and was singing my arms happily walking dog and walked right off the top step and fell down 12 more. I was not with Emma or Gwen,no one lives with me so i crawled to phone crying no balling my eyes out and my son came. Cast type thing on foot from sept to january. So I sent the clunky thing back. Everyone said it was dumb but it was unsafe! I now have a lot of steps to do,plus i think im getting a bladder infection. :( Pounding down the water and realized this all far from over. If ya only wrote sooner,I could have asked if the driver could get across the pond to you! :)

Maybe a good idea to wear Tena pants after drinking all the water you might wake up in the neighbors garden😊🙏🌹best wishes🍫🍩

You keep making me laugh Alan,i will need Tena pants. So funny.

Don't get too comfortable on that seat reading the b l f 😊Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery xxxxx alan

Lin I sent you a post last night by interflora lol x

TY Alan! Ha ha

Well done for giving up smoking that,s the hardest thing to do.Let me know how you get on and if you need someone to chat too via laptop i,m here,there,s nothing worse then feeling alone and nobody else understanding you that,s why this forum is wonderful with such lovely people everybody is here to help and listen.Look after yourself and hope you find a better gp they,re worth their weight in gold when you find a good one.Sleep when you can get comfy on the sofa with the pillows and catch up with sleep that,ll help

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Lin76 in reply to tavymaid

Ok thankyou for that. I think im following you but idk. I don't understand if im using this correctly! Xoxo

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tavymaid in reply to Lin76

Hi Lin yea got an email saying your following me so we can keep in touch, it always helps when someone else has been through the same thing so you know your not on your own and they understand you xx

Yes it sure is! Thanks! So much xx

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How are you feeling Lin now you are home?

Take care xx


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