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Have an infection

Been brewing over the last few days. Was bringing up a lot of clear mucus yesterday and now I am bringing up yellow mucus this morning. Pretty sure it's a sinus infection that has spread.

Thing is though my breathing feels fine and I just feel like I have a chesty cold. Would everyone start their rescue medicine even though I'm not feeling too ill?



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Hi Sinclair

Normally yellowish is not too bad especially normal in the morning with a cold, nose wash, spray, anti inflammatories should help if you can have them..no temperature is a good sign..but you know your own body, you know if it usually turns nasty..

Take care x


I asked my specialist about this because my mucus changed colour after returning from holiday. He said to give it 24 hours and it hadn’t gone back to normal start my rescue pack. My mucus was fine after 24 hours, sometimes exposure to fumes, pollution can change it x


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