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What's you sputom say about your lung diease

Well IF doctors won't tell us I might as well.

Sorry bout drawing but art never been strong point.

Any way in our sputom this clues to how our lung diease is going.

If you look at sample just hacked coughed up under microscope.

( 1 ) muscle cells in sputom could be sign of muscle cell over burdon production in bronchioles thus responsible for advance in cell growth damage sputom production and bronchitiasis.

Quite serious as cell over burdon mucus production can lead to airway collapsing.

So a top tip is you don't want to see loads of them in your sputom.

( 2 ) is round circles packed together in clumps or string formation WELL that could very well be candis.

That's other thing you don't really want to see in sputom.

Is amazing what lay person can see but is shocking how nothing is done said by those health care professionals.

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