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Trainee GP's and seasoned lung diseased

Well went and seen GP and was trainee GP I seen NOT my first run in with practice gp trainee's.

Anyway I went as been still dizzy think might be my vit D but hay am not the expert.

Well was there hour GOSH I know but he was ok really even tho he's examination was tad long winded.

Felt like I was going to pass out ALL breathing in out I did.

But I did not have to worry as my lungs muscles give up before he did.

I managed to teases tad out of trainee SOMETHING that sounds like A - Paraplexis or A aplasia

Something like that ANYWAY not sure but think it's to do with air entry sounds in / out or lack of.

Trainee gp did not know what lung cast was NOR reinke edema.

Anyway I educated trainee gp in how horried lung diseases are TO be asked what would make me happy TO which I said new lungs BUT if not antibiotics would be close second.

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Ah well at least he meant well, you didn’t get the in and out and prescription treat!!^^

Hope those antibiotics do the trick!!


Fran x

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I wish he made me promis not to take them unless near death.

Said am everyday that's why here most days as that's what you do when unwell.

Said it can't be am tad neurotic as on mirtazapine :P

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Well he has the wrong data because it is better to cut it short rather than have complications..he’ll live and learn 😃

Got your youtube and the mindful movement? Time for the sweet relaxing voice of Sarah bromazepam is not working tonight..I don’t know if you mirtazapine is either 😉

Sweet dreams Jeff 🦋


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Hi think I might have to many positive thoughts.

Even though believer :P

Usually I go to sleep playing my iTunes fav.

Sorry to read about ya bromazepan not working.

Mine I think to give my gp's a brake rather than me :)

Video as few great ideas like posative thought and imagination SO all leave it there as not to get into trouble :)

Night night

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Just listened to this meditation. I could really feel myself unwinding and relaxing especially all the time she was speaking. However once she stopped talking, off went my mind again - lol!!! I will persist with it though as it is one of the best I have come across. Thanks for sharing, Fran. xx

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Put the playlist on sleep on, there are 6 videos in that one and put it on autoplay, hopefully it will rock you through the night 😉

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Sounds like a plan :p

6.07 am here and so far sleep has eluded me tonight. So after the current IV has gone in, I'm going to put my earplugs in and try the meditation too. Thanks Fran !

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Great! Hope it worked Billiejean xx

Well you seem to have taught the trainee a few things JAS so that can’t be a bad thing.

Feel better soon and take care. Hope the antibiotics work. Xxxxx

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Hi sassy cheers :)

You say you’re there most days, Jeff, how do you manage to get all these appointments? What are the magic words ☺️Most of us struggle to get even one appointment

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Hi Hanne62 I must be just lucky or good :p

Very unusual for a trainee GP to be working alone without the presence of those qualified in the proffesion. Obviously thorough examination being your appointment lasted an hour sounds like a very clever doctor in the making and kind of you to inform him of your situation within the time frame of your appointment..hopefully you have some resolve to a problem which seems to be ongoing.

Hope you get better soon

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Not sure if an hour’s examination sounds like a clever doctor or unfortunately just a new doctor that hasn’t been jaded by the system and destroyed by the workload yet.

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If they are trainees as Jeff implied then its good for them to spend an hour examining and listening to the patient and offering a full approach and service I would be all for it to be fair . Being jaded is probably the pressure from overload like you say it's been announced on this afternoons news appointments are being reduced from 10 mins to 8 mins but if you need to see the doc for more than one condition book a double appointment worth 16 mins so it's swings and roundabouts yet again xx

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My doctor said something like I need to book a double appointment because although I was seeing her about one thing another came up as it does, but it was like you can only talk about the one problem at a time. It was ridiculous you are right. I didn’t feel like she wanted to listen or help, just get rid of me soon as possible.

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It's a general thing you go with one thing wrong then when all is considered more comes out to discuss...just book a double appointment nothing's wasted if your finished within the allowed time slot ...they move on to the next patient filling in time slots and you leave happy your needs were met xx

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