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Lung Cancer or Asthma

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Hi there, I am new here. I am writing this post as I had this problem about months ago. 3 months ago, I developed a wheezing after doing Tabata training. I went to a GP and she, listened to my lungs and she said there is an infection so she gave me Clarithromycin 250 mg antibiotics and 5 days steroid pills. After one week the antibiotic finished and the problem is still there. Then I went to her again and she gave me salbutamol inhaler and another antibiotic (penicilin type). Then I feel like like a lump of throat and stopped the antibiotic. At the same time, I feel like a sore/pain in the upper right back.

After 2 months, it becomes better for about two weeks. Then after that, I have a very thick mucus in my lungs and throat, I could feel at the end of my exhale. And now the mucus is too thick so I have difficulty in breathing. I spoke to my friend with this and she said it might be asthma. To aid with my breathing, I am still using salbutamol (every 3-4 hourse). But the mucus is still there. At the same time now I still having sore/pain in the upper right back and sometimes the pain moved in the armpit area (not really armpit but around that area).

I am worried to see a GP because I am thinking that it might be cancer. As I am having it about 1 months now.

Hope someone could give me insights what is happening to me?

Sorry my english is not good as I am not a native speaker.

By the way I am male, 35 years old student and non-smoker.

Thank you.

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Hi welcome your English is fine I can understand it perfectly....but I strongly suggest you see your GP and get investigated further just to be safe ...take care and good luck xxx

Hello and welcome. As Angie said you do need to see a GP and find out what’s going on. Giud luck to you. Xxxxxx

Highly, highly unlikely it's anything sinister like that. The upper back pain Pain could be due to GERD an it's often associated with chronic cough or breathing probs. Go back to GP, I would ask for an X Ray so they can rule out any infection first.

Maybe request a bloodtest too would be an idea.

Worth a try I think, please don't worry I really don't think it's going to be horrendous but please try and get it sorted to put your mind at rest.

I am going to say something strange now. Drink more water try to drink a couple of litres a day. It will help in loosening up the mucus and the extra walking to the loo will also help to move it. You do need to get it checked by a doctor. Try not to worry it will only make your airway tighten up more. Take care x hope you feel better soon

I am afraid to see a doctor...😢😢😢

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