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Just been prescribed.any opinions on it.Had a hellish time with side effects on prior medication called ultrobro.l hope this works .l am rather anxious and l know nothing about Fostair...thank you

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My consultant changed my meds from Seretide 500 to Fostair and Spiriva last year. I have been feeling much better since the changeover. I hope you will also find the Fostair an improvement.

Please don't be anxious as that won't help your breathing. Give it a try and let us know how you get on with it.

Best wishes, Annie

Hi. If you look to the right you'll see a box: Related Posts to browse through. Also, if you write Fostair in the search box you'll find many recent views of it 😃 including my own!

I was prescribed Fostair 200/6 last Friday, already seeing a good improvement. Hope it's good for you !


I’ve been using Fostair for a few years now and it is fine for me. Do give it a try - there are many others if it doesn’t suit you. Hope all goes well for you.

Hi, I’ve been using fostair for the past 3 years and find it works really well, I was using becotide before x

Hi nellie15- I was prescribed Fostair in January and I've had a much better year healthwise than on my other inhalers. Apparently it has smaller particles enabling the drug to go deeper into the lungs. Let's hope it suits you too.

Thanking you all for your kindness,started fostair this morning...will keep you all posted

Take care,hugs xx

We all react differently to different inhalers. For me Fostair is totally brilliant and I take it in tandem with Spiriva - problem solved. I have had bad reactions to some inhalers that other people tolerate well. Hope it works for you.

I was prescribed Fostair 18 months ago and it has changed my life. I take it with tiotropium.

I was just prescribed Ultibro yesterday so would appreciate hearing your experience with it as I haven't starting using it yet.

Thank you.

I have been on Fostair NEXThaler for at least a year maybe two (it doesn't help memory unfortunately) and find it so easy to take and brilliant so good luck hope it works for you xx

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