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Cancer Surgery

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Hi! my father was diagnosed with lung cancer this month. the doctor recommended to remove the cyst via video assisted thoracic surgery. provided that my father's pre operative assessment will be "good" he will be schedule immediately for the removal of his tumor. my father is 74 , has anyone here experienced a lung surgery? advice and opinion please? thank you all.

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Sorry, I have no experience of this but I do hope things go well for him.

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PerfectBlue in reply to mrsmummy

Thank you 😊

Salute and respect to you Mrsmummy, rest in peace

Best advise is to have the surgery asap and get the cancer out . Once I found out I had cancer in my lung and lymph nodes all I wanted was to get it out asap. That surgery and max radiation and 2 years chemo not only saved my life, it allowed me to actually have a life. Kind Wishes to You and your Dad, judg69

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PerfectBlue in reply to judg69

Oh thank you for your story, that motivates my family to fight this battle. For now I am hoping that his cardio and pulmo assessment is good thus he could push through with the operation. thank you so much

I had lobe of left lung removed in Nov 2008 - fingers crossed have had no further problems. Good luck for your father's op & I hope he'll have good result xx

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PerfectBlue in reply to Dedalus

Thank you, your message inspires us a lot. His surgery is scheduled on the 4th week of Nov. wishing you great health too sir.

So glad - all best wishes x

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