So now we are now entering winter, what does it hold for us?

So now we are entering winter. As you might know weather forecasting is an interest of mine. Despite any press headlines wanting to grabbing attention predicting the mother of winters, I thought I would show you this. It is the CFS charts for the next 6 months, CFS stands for the Climate Forecasting System (it was pretty accurate last winter).

T2 stands for the temperature at 2 meters above ground level, anomaly levels are the average temps over the last ten years. So as you can see nothing to panic about.

You can click each month to expand the view for that month.

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Thanks. :) Very interesting and informative.

Cold where I live 2greys! Until April!

According to those charts still 1c higher than the ten year average during the depths of winter, even in Switzerland :) Still cold, just not quiet as cold as it has been in past years.

Ok that’s better!! I’ll post you a photo of the ice on the lake front last year!!

Thank you 2greys!!

I'm claiming illness/exhaustion as a dispensation from figuring out the charts. But highly relieved at reading the comments and the hope that it won't be as extremely cold as some have forecast.

Thanks 2Grey's. Very interesting. What does the colours represent. I have bookmarked it so I can go back to it. You are a mine of information. Your research is very good. Take care. x

Go to.the web page: Click on the image of any month, it will then make that month take up the whole screen: There is a scale under the image that gives the expected temps in relation to the ten year average, 0 degrees being white, in the middle. To the right is warmer, to the left is cooler.

I must admit 2greys that my father was always spot on with his forecasting but this link is very interesting. Thank you for posting it here- we can all scoff now at the TV weather reporters when they predict the worst winter in 10 years!!!

That’s very interesting. Time will tell on accuracy. But it seems that we are not in for a v cold winter.

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