I'm new here, been prescribed new meds !

In 2012 I had been told that I have asthma / COPD as my FEV was around 48% and peak flow around 400. I was prescribed 400/12 Budesonide / Formoterol as a maintenance inhaler & Bricanyl 0.5 terbutaline inhaler as a reliever. I was taking these meds on a regular basics but despite this my readings where going down. Following a chest X Ray April 2016 after a sudden decrease in FEV1 to 33% my GP confirmed COPD and prescribed Eklira Aclidinium bromide 322 mcg. Despite taking all 3 inhalers as described I was still getting very breathless. I decided to purchase some testing equipment to check my lung function & peak flow, the results were dropping over the course of 3 months to a low of 26% and 250 peak flow.

I had my yearly review on Friday and the results of the tests carried out by the nurse mirrored mine. I handed her a copy of the readings I have taken and she left the room and returned with my doctor, he listened to my chest and said it sounds tight and he was disappointed in the test results as I was. Time for new meds ! It would appear that the meds I was on for the last 5 years were having little effect. They prescribed me with a 5 day dose of steroids and new inhalers complete with spacer so at last there is a chance that the medication will get to my lungs as I always found it a problem to suck the powder into my lungs from my old inhalers when feeling so breathless.

My new inhalers are : Fostair 200/6 & ventolin evohaler 100mg.

Also taking as a supplement : NAC N-Acetyl cysteine 600mg, Omega 3 fish oil capsule, and of course 1000mg vitamin C daily.

I will let you know how I get on with the new meds & supplements.

Nice to meet you all, stay well !!

Brian xx


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14 Replies

  • Your story is interesting in respect of how different we all are. Ventolin ceased to be effective for me and changed to Bricanyl which works for me. Which highlights the need to speak out when your inhalers no longer work as well. There is such a thing as building up a tolerance to various drugs that no longer have the same desired effect.

  • Ventolin long ceased working for me - think I will speak to the GP about Bricanyl. Thanks 2G :)

  • Yes a very good point, I wish I had spoken out sooner. May I ask do you use your Bricanyl as a reliever. Thank you for your reply

  • Yes it is my releiver inhaler.

  • I have problems with Ventolin too .

  • Hi knitter, what are you taking instead and what problems did you have if you don't mind me asking

  • With a reading like this surely you should be on Spiriva or another type ?xx

  • Hi shadow4me, maybe, we are hoping that with the new meds and the course of steroids the readings will improve over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed

  • Hello, good to meet you. At last you're on some decent meds. I find Fostair absolutely brilliant so hope you do too. Read the leaflet well as its different to other inhalers in the way you can take it. IE you can take extra if you're having SOB days or during exacerbations. Since I've been on it I rarely need Ventolin. Good luck, P

  • Thank you, I have only been taken it a few days now but must admit I feel a whole lot better, fingers crossed it continues. Many thanks for your post.

  • Are you only taking 600mg of NAC daily? From the reading I have done I think a minimum of 1200mg is suggested to get any benefit and some research suggests 1500-1800, but always best to double check with your doctor before changing any medications or dosages.

  • Hello, I checked it out with my GP first and he suggested that 600mg would be ok to start with and confirmed that at that level would have no negative effects with my other meds. Thanks for your post.

  • My only concern was at that dosage you may not see any benefit but again your doctor knows best.

  • Wow, during my wifit plus exercising this morning I managed to complete 1 hours exercise which included 24 minutes of running ( 8 x 3 minutes ) whilst holding a conversation with my wife, my peak heart rate was 141 bpm, I didn't feel breathless at all and felt l could have carried on if my legs held out. Amazing I have not managed to do that in a while !!

    Feeling that surely my lung function readings have improved I checked and my FEV1 was 0.89. 28% and peak flow 250. I really fail to understand how my readings are so low and yet can exercise at that level.

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