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Can someone try and explain what does borderline COPD all emphysema mean? I saw a lung specialist this week n also had a in depth breeding test which lasted about 20min by the technician. I asked the tech how did I do n he said I was boarderline.... but I didn’t ask boarderkibe to wat as I have to see specialist in 3 weeks, but specialist seems to think I had either COPD or emphysema but wouldn’t kn till I had the test done. So can someone tell do I have a lot to worry about if I’m boarderline to either the 2 thst I mentioned. Cheers

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Hi Felix-1_ and welcome to the forum. emphysema and chronic bronchitis are two different lung conditions which are both put together under the umbrella term COPD. So all emphysema is COPD with no trace of bronchitis. Being borderline means that if the condition is present it is very mild, only just on the edges of being classed as COPD. That is good news as it means you can make changes to your lifestyle to prevent it getting any worse. If you smoke you need to give up and stay away from smoky atmospheres, eat well and take exercise. I wish you well with it. :)


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