Here is a sampling of my work

Here is a sampling of my work

Today I am at an artisan craft fair.


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37 Replies

  • That’s beautiful Lindy-loo, very clever indeed. Xxxx

  • Lovely Lindy.Now get your sales pitch going and turn that silver into gold.good skis and scruff xx

  • Hi Skiis

    I'm sitting here and I hear crickets it is so dead in here! I've made a few sales but it's very very quiet but because it's snowing out ... big fat flakes are coming down my gosh I hate it when it snows. Oh well there's always tomorrow I hope there's always tomorrow. Talk later

  • How much snow did you end up getting?

  • Woke this morning and *poof* it was gone...still on the moutains approx. A 2 mile jaunt up the road

  • Lucky you. We got about 6-8 inches on Thursday and Friday and it is snowing again now. We have only had 3-4 days of winter and I'm tired of it already.

  • Oh no! Hate no loathe winter!

  • Yup.

  • Lovely work Lindy!!

  • Thank you

  • Thanks so much!

  • So beautiful you are very clever xx

  • Thank you.😊

  • They look lovely lindy

  • Thank you 😊

  • Sheer craftsmanship ,lovely work .

  • I appreciate your comment. xx

  • Absolutely stunning ! And just the type of thing I could see you wearing. I hope you sold lots of them.

  • 0h I wish I could say I did we had about 2 hours where it was just cold out. That we can deal with... However soon the snow fell and it fell. You have to understand in Vancouver if we see one flake fall.. oh well it's just batten down the hatches nobody is going any where!! We are never prepared here! And year after year it's the same old story. A big rush on for snow shovels and salt. And within 8 hours they're all sold out everywhere. You think we would learn but no none of us ever do. Good thing is tomorrow I have another Fair we will see about tomorrow. It's supposed to be bone-chilling cold. But stranger things have happened and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Thank you for your lovely words by the way and yes that's the type of jewelry I do wear. LOL

  • Fingers crossed for better sales tomorrow. I naively thought it never snowed in Vancouver, that the climate was very temperate. Boy did I get that wrong.

  • Haha you sure did.. It is temperate except last and this year we have coldness personified coming at us!

  • beautiful as you, Lindy-loo

  • Ahhh I bet you say that to all the girls 🤗

  • but i only mean it when i say it to you. :) ;)

  • Exquisite. Love it.

  • Thank you so much 😙

  • They are truely beautiful, good luck with the sales today.

    Have you tried selling them online through your own website, or through one of those group craft websites ......they take commission though off your sales. I have bought silver jewellery that way before.

    Best wishes.....I have visions of all that snow falling in Canada .

  • I am on etsy

    But not until I post more jewelry would it make any sense to post the address. I only have 30 or so.pieces on the site.

    Will do soon though!😊

  • Right the snow.... it disappeared over night! Just what we ordeted 😊

  • Really? The only one I know of is etsy. I. Will be placing more on that site but if you could share where you bought your silver I will check it out. Thanks lxx

  • Wow, they are beautiful

  • They are lovely. You are very clever.

  • 😊😋 so nice of you x

  • Beautiful - you have a great talent

  • Thank you kindly x

  • Oh Linda that is fantastic, you are wasted you really are, you have an amazing talent, sorry I haven't seen it before now, but like I was telling you I haven't been on the forum much at all for a while. When do we get the chance to buy your beautiful work, I'm sure there will be more than me wanting to purchase one of your beautiful rings for someone special for Christmas, let us all know. Xx

  • Hi Maureen. Thank you for your kind words! I have a small etsy shop going on and after today and through this week I will be photographing and posting things. It would be a real honor to sell a piece or two. I will let you know a little further down the week. xx (yoir'e so sweet)

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