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I'm 29 years old and my fiancé is 43 and he's recently been diagnosed with copd and to think that he's eventually going to die is breaking my heart.. I really cannot imagine our life's without him I have two daughters who are 8-9 who adore him and vice versa... We are due to get married in 15 months and I'm scared of being alone without him and he's terrified of leaving me a widow.. Help it's breaking my heart to know I'm goin to loose my soul mate, partner and best friend 😭😭😭😭 how do we deal with it

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Please don't worry if he has a healthy diet and does exercise and doesn't smoke he will be a lot better and can live a brilliant and happy life. There are lots of people living with this illness on here but you never give up and always stay positive. Please keep posting he really does Bernadette 😳 xxx

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First of all at what stage copd is he? Copd is not an automatic death sentence,there's lots of treatment out there and a lot of people live for years with it.I was diagnosed with it 5 years ago and since I packed in smoking my lungs have improved some what.My mother had copd for almost 30 years,she was 83 when she died.I'm 57 so I'm planning on beating her if I can.People on here are a lot more knowledgeable than me and full of good advice.Speak to your doctor together and you'll get a better understanding of where you are,best of luck to you both.

Kara,there is an 100% chance that eventually your beloved fiancee will die and there is probably a 99% chance that no mention of copd will be written on his death certificate,Sorry to be so blunt but rest assured that copd can come in many forms and degrees of severity and that with careful management and healthy living we mostly live to as long a life as those without the diagnosis.So keep putting away stuff in your draw for your future marriage and eventual long life together with your future husband and loving and best wishes skis and scruffy cat x

Hi Kara, my husband was diagnosed with COPD in 2010 and sarcoidosis in 1991. He has various other health issues but at 66 is still here and going strong.

Your fiancé can and will live a good long life, with care and be around for you and your daughters. Enjoy your life together and have a wonderful wedding day. Good luck to you. Xxxx

hello Kara. Please try and do not let it get you down. It is hard but you must think and stay positive. there is always the hope and possibility a cure may be found. Your fiancee could still have many years left to be with you and your daughters. Many people on this site have coped with the disease for a long time, and their advice is worth listening to. none of us really know how long we are for this life, but we need to make the most of it while we can. you have your wedding to look forward to, and that is a good step. keep in touch with this site. people are here for you when you need them. they will only be too pleased to help when they can. You are not alone.

I have had it since birth - a trauma that was ignored at the time - because I was born prematurely. I was diagnosed 7 years ago but I'm 75 now, don't smoke and have every hope of a few more years of decent health. Hopefully your fiance will live a long and happy life too. Good luck.

You really have to get the idea out of your mind that because he has COPD he is going to die. I was told when I was 40 years of age that I had COPD and I am still alive and well and now at age 68 so start looking on the bright side and enjoy life together. If he smokes he must stop and I mean now, make sure he exercises where possible even if only a walk each day and eat sensibly. Stay away from people who are full of coughs and colds and he will be fine.

hi kara, im 70yrs old worked in the building industry and started getting problem's with my breathing aged 55 i put it down to slowing up because of age, by the age of 58 a family member told me to see my doctor, to cut a long story short at age 60 i was diagnosed with copd now at severe stage but i have my up's and down's i still go on family holiday's to tenerife, so tell your hubby not to worry to much it just slow's you down a bit, i'll be 71 next week and im off to scotland, i hope you have a long and enjoyable life together

Hi, I’m 66 and on oxygen so don’t worry you both have a good long life ahead of you both look 👀 to the future and stop 🛑 being pessimistic hope you have a good wedding 🎩 day,good luck. Richy

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