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I'm looking to buy some Vit D3 for winter. Anyone advise me on strenght I should be taking please? I'm also looking to buy a new duvet, the one I have has just about had it lol... Don't want one with duck n down as I heard this isn't good for someone with breathing problems. Anyone else heard this? I know I can get alot of the info I need on the internet, but, I would rather ask people who have the same condition as me and may just have some helpful info for me. Thank you.

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Hi, re the duvet I got an anti allergy one from John Lewis, it's 13.5 tog, I have a 10 tog for the summer. It's lovely really warm and I think it helps, it was bit pricey but will last for years. This is my 2nd winter with it, when I change the two duvets in April I get it dry cleaned as it's too big to go into my washing machine, although some launderettes have machines for duvets.

The vitamin D3 you may want to check with your GP as it depends on your current levels. You could start by getting a mild one maybe 200-400iu, but a blood test can show your current levels and then you'll have more of an idea what strength to get. Mine were a little low, prob as my skins very naturally tanned and I don't absorb as much Vitamin D as paler people, so I was told to take 1000iu each day.

Hope that helps a little x

regards the vitamin D3 see your doc, I was due for bloods to be taken while filling out the form he asked If they could check my D levels, these came back as low hence he prescribed them for me. What Shankcock has said about duvets leaves nothing to be added

Cheers Anthony for your reply. I don't think I've ever asked what my vit D levels are, never had to really, I'm out there enough hours in the sun, when it's out, lol. I just heard people that suffer with copd can have low levels of vitd especially in the winter months. Jumping the gun springs to mind :-) take care.

Thank you Shancock for your help with my questions. Will certainly look at getting a blood test first re the vitd3.

My own duvet is in two parts, one lighter one for summer and higher tog for winter. They clip together at the four corners for winter months. I also send, one at a time, to Laundry around springtime. I can't read the label anymore for makers name I've had it that long lol. I may wait to January sales now, not that long to go and bag a bargain duvet lol. You have been a great help, thank you so much.

I have a duvet like that - it came from the now defunct BHS.

It's been a gr8 duvet Ergendl I'll be looking to buy same idea again. It's getting increasingly harder though to give your local town your business when u can't find what u want! I try first though. Take care n keep warm ;-)

Yes I agree. A nice cosy synthetic duvet from John Lewis. In my opinion you’d only need a 13 tog one if your bedroom is particularly cold. I have 10.5 but do have heating on low at night and an electric under blanket for a quick warm up on really cold nights. John Lewis will be having a sale in a matter of weeks if you could manage to wait that long. Keep cosy x

Yes, I live in an Edwardian house, gets chilly at night time, hence the big duvet, and I have a fluffy blanket too!

Thanks Joy I like 'cosy' lol... I'll wait n see how sales go. I have just this wk put electric blanket bk on..just in case! Be prepared generation lol. x

Hi I buy the Solgar D3 400 It has improved my blood vitamin D3 level so much!! Doctor said to stop 3 months and restart.

Hope it works for you x

Thank you Happylondon seems a sensible idea to start low. I wouldn't take in summer months anyway. Take care and look after you! x

Thank you too. Honestly I was down to 25/75. I am now 95, 6 months later. Good stuff! Xx

You are right I'to get rid of an eiderdown quilt years ago nearly choked me to death coughing every night.

You know Claire I've only recently come to that conclusion about feathered pillows/duvet hence the search now for new duvet. I had bought two new feathered pillows a month ago and with no flare up of copd have been coughing during the night. Don't have much of a cough during day or night at all not unless I'm not well. Pillows gone to new home lol. Thank you for confirming what I was thinking. Take care.

I’ve got no helpful info however you’ve just made me realise I should think about my bedding! I sleep on duck down pillows with a duck down quilt! Just looking on amazon now to order some anti allergy stuff.. thank you! Also thinking on the vit d .. just bought some Manuka Honey but might try vit d too! 👍

Lol Knicho I'll encourage you to spend your money ;-)

I buy Steens Manuka honey every winter with an UMF 20+ its a bit pricey but for me I feel it got me through the winter without much problem from colds etc.

We have to do what we can to help ourselves so it's nice to chat and get advice from others in a similiar positon who may know something I don't. Thank you everyone. This site is a great help. Let me know Knicho if you find any bargains lol. Take care.

I will do.. I’m happy to spend my money if it helps me in any tiny way! Not much the drs offer seems to help so like you I rely on people on here for advice and also tips for self help x

I feel exactly same, if it costs n helps we're quids in. Chat again.

Definitely 😊

With Vit D3 I work on the assumption that since I have copd my levels will be very low and I have read from some reputable site (can't remember which, maybe Harvard Medical School) that you need 5000iu in the winter. I take 4000iu and have taken at least 2000 for a couple of years. This has kept me well for the last two and half years apart from a couple of colds and a fairly mild throat infection. There are not meant to be side effects from taking it and I haven't had any but best to check with your GP.

I had heard the same 02 about our levels low if we suffer from copd. When I read up on it I also seen the amount quoted as 5000iu.This seemed a fair amount to me so thought I'd ask on here. A low dose of vitd3 while I get my levels checked can't do me any harm.

By the time the winter is over and I emerge from under my non-feathered duvet, taking religiously my Vitd3, Manuka honey, watching what I eat, exercise, no drinking, non smoking body 'beautiful', I'll be back at 21 again ;-) Take care.

21 - that'd be good :D

I like to dream 02 ;-)

Don't we all my dear :D

I understand that D3 should be taken with K2 (I don't know the reason why), and I've recently been taking it in a liposomal form. Liposomal means that it's better absorbed and is not the brand name. I also take vitamin c in this form.


Thank you moodygirl I'll make sure to check that out too. I also take Vit C.

Like O2 Trees I take Vit D3 5000iu one tablet per day in the winter as I rarely venture out during the colder months. I get mine online from Simply Supplements who offer an excellent service and are very competitively priced. They also offer other strengths if you decide to take a lower dosage tablet.

Hi warwickstag thank you for that info I'll be going online to check that site out. Isn't it gr8 to be able to get so much help n understanding from this site? Especially as it's from people who are going through similar to yourself. Thank u all, look after YOU.

The best duvets are 100% wool or silk - both of which are natural & best for people with allergies/chest problems. I have lung cancer & COPD. Have used silk duvets for the past 15 years - they are not cheap but do last, & health is more important. Recently purchased two from John Lewis at a very reasonable price. I am happy with a 3.5, as I get very hot at night. Also have an electric under blanket which can be put on & off independently both sides, so my husband can have his side hot & my side cooler (usually off!). You can buy different weight silk duvets & link them for the winter if you suffer from the cold.

Hi there younginmind I only just seen your reply, sorry. I'll have a look at them on their website, they sound ideal. Thank you for that info and to all that sent me a mess. Keep well.

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