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Inogen One G 3 Backpack



I am looking for an Inogen One G 3 oxygen concentrator back pack please. If anyone has one for sale please get in touch ....thank you.


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Hi PollyP. I suggest you also post this as a reply on the 'Respiratory equipment for sale' thread.

This post will slip down as others are added and anyone selling items will tend to look in the items for sale post. :)

PollyP in reply to mrsmummy

Thanks so much Mrs mummy - so helpful 🙏🏻

Good luck with finding one PP. P xxx

Hope you find one PP ! You are such a positive ambassador for 02 therapy.

PollyP in reply to Billiejean_2

Oh thank yoooo Billiejean_2...

Not ready to give in yet hehe...and with the bigger battery it is flippin heavy....and the mesh backpack I bought from Amazon just doesn't cut it !!!

What is amazing is the O2 therapy makes life much easier, inc exercising 🤸🏼‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ So the benefits are really fabulous ...for me.

Good wishes.


gothmum in reply to PollyP

I just bought the mesh backpack for my concentrator, I'm like you I don't think it'll cut the mustard,it seems a bit fragile.I've seen lovely backpacks on eBay,from an american seller but they're still £80/90 I begrudge that. I hope you find a backpack,I've bought a trolley I'm going to try and bling and use lol

Pollyp.i bought one from intermedical as it was almost impossible to find a decent used one.expect to pay in the region of £130 as they are very expensive.................regards skis and scruffy xx

PollyP in reply to skischool

Hello skis and scruffy...

Thanks for your response....oh yes I appreciate they are pricey and so I thought I might as well ask - ya never know do you ?

They don't become available 2nd hand very often do they ?

I might have to ask my sister in law in the US to get me one - think they are about half the cost there ?

Thanks again.

Enjoy your day both.


Pp i have seen them advertised in the states at $125 free shipping(within the usa)so by the time you shipped to England there would not be to much savings,good luck anyway,they are well made,the only problem being the inability to adjust settings whilst the machine is on your back but you get to look real sporty and super cool like an astronaut when you wear it ,good luck in your skis and scruffy

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