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Need answers

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Hi I am 19. I don't know how to begin and probably will have lots of error since english is not my first language. Anyway 4 weeks ago I had stomach pain spreading from my navel to side and constant growling sounds then went to hospital ultrasound was clear and no infection in urine. Then one day I felt as if my whole body was paralyzed frozen it was hard to take steps then tingling in my hands and legs began with headache sharp stabbing pain in wrist and loose stool . Went to doctor had blood urine and stool test showed vitamin d deficiency and prescribed calcium and vitamin d . Everything was going okay then numbness of hands and legs started with crawling and tingling sensation in all parts of body and shortness of breath tight chest and fast heart beat. Went to doc again had chest x ray ecg and echo done all was normal accept fast heart beat. Then I was referred to neuro psychiatrist said I have anxiety disorder . I asked if I had ms since I had similar symptoms to ms the doctor laughed and said ms is very rare it wouldn't happen to 19 year old. Since then I am in constant agony and fear I still have numbness in hands and legs and worse headache also now I have balance problem my ears also hurt my eye balls also hurt I have been crying so much I don't know what it is but I am in constant pain. I am going to neurologist this sunday I don't know if I can cope with waiting . Fear is paralyzing me September was going so well since october everything went downhill. Also I am becoming more aware of me breathing I can't help but think I am dying please someone reply I am desperate .

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Hello Fangirl98 .

How very awful that you've being having such a hard time lately. You mentioned that September was going so well and everything seemed to go down in October. I am curious, has something happened to you recently to perhaps upset you greatly? Are you maybe facing exams or worrying about something?

I think it would be impossible for any of us here to give you a diagnosis but I think you are doing the right thing by having yourself checked out by a doctor. I had terrible anxiety a few years back. I also experienced that paralyzing fear you mentioned. Anxiety is in itself terribly paralyzing and often comes hand in hand with depressive feelings but nowadays there is help. Do you have family who are supportive? Please do have someone go with you for your appointments. It really helps and you need to know you are not alone.

Please hang in there. Keep seeing your medical team. Take it from me as someone who had dreadful anxiety, that it does get better. It may not seem that way right now, but slowly, very slowly with help and support the clouds will start to clear.

Sending you a gentle hug and kind thoughts.

Cas xx 🍀

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Fangirl98 in reply to Caspiana

Thank you so much for replying . I can't remember anything that made me anxious. I was bit worried about visa interview as I am planning to go abroad to study. Apart from that I am been very anxious about my health issues specifically my parents doesn't seem to understand me . If you don't mind me asking what worked with you when you had anxiety related breathing problems I am constantly aware of my own breathing or seem to be out of breathe, I had anxiety disorder back when I was sixteen now I fear its starting again or something worse is happening.

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Katinka46 in reply to Fangirl98

That is a lovely, helpful reply from Caspiana and I cannot add anything more. As she says anxiety is treatable. So please be assertive with your doctors and get treatment for it.

All the best


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Caspiana in reply to Fangirl98

Hello there. 😊

You're nineteen. Going oversees, leaving all you know and are familiar with is a scary thing. Its understandable that you are concerned.

If you feel your parents don't seem to understand you is there a trusted adult you can talk to? They don't have to be a relative. A teacher perhaps or a counsellor at your school?

What really helped me was to stop pretending that "I am fine" , and "I can manage" . I had to acknowledge that I wasn't okay at all. First, to myself then to my family. Taking that first step and saying "I am not coping, help me!" is so important. Then, I got a referral to a health care professional and it got better from there. If you feel your family will not be supportive, as I have mentioned, seek out an adult you can trust.

Yoga is extremely helpful to help you relax. Also for me listening to opera helps me a lot.

I know things are extremely scary right now, but please believe me, it will get better.

I am thinking of you. You are not alone.

*BIG, big hug*

Cas xx 💜

Hi Fangirl, I’m sure your doctor will help and you are doing right to be checked out. Cas has replied with kindness and support and l hope that helps. Xxx

Hi Fangirl and a very warm welcome to you.

Wonderful replies from your new found friends so far.

I can feel the anxiety in your post sweetheaart and I would love for you not to get ahead of yourself in thinking the worst. You are doing exactly the right thing eliminating possible causes from the medics and I hope your appointment with the neurologist goes well for you.

There is a wonderful organisation called No Panic. I used to be a member shortly after Colin, the late founder started the group, not online in those days. You might find it helpful in some way for you. I hope so.

Please let us know how you get on and know Fangirl we are here for you.

With love



I had anxiety problem, I understand what you are going through. What helped me was breath control and positive thinking, try to get in a comfortable position, be aware of your diaphragm movement, breath in through nose and out through nose. When you have your breathing slow and even then on breathing in be aware of your stomach rising and smile with good thoughts, on breathing out tell yourself the your anxieties are only thoughts they are not real breath them out or float them past you. This may not sound real or easy but I can assure you it works for me.

Good luck and remember your anxieties are only thoughts and not real.

Hi there thanks for all your replies. I went to consult with neurologist now I need to schedule mri hopefully all will be okay.

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