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Hi i was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia this past Sunday they gave me antibiotics to take home and I did right now it's Thursday I came back because I just felt worse high fever chills fatigue super drained now they're admitting me but I'm starting to feel depressed I have 3 kids at home and this is my fourth day on antibiotics and I still feel horrible a lot of high fever and fatigue how long does the fever usually last I'm getting desperate cuz I don't seem to be improving

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Hi Adrian

Just saw you were finally admitted. It will be better because they can give you antibiotics and fluids through IV. I am sorry you were left at home in such a condition. You wasted valuable time I agree.

Stay positive we are stronger than we think and you have those three kids waiting at home for their Daddy.

Get well soon x


Thank u very much for your reply truly means a lot to me i just feel a little depress because of my kids and i still dont seam to be improving i have a lot of shotness of breath and fever and miss my kids speacially my 2 year old


Same happened to me. Really sick when i went to doctors who said i was very congested. Prescribed doxicillen which had no effect so went back to gp and saw a different doctor who said i was still congested in ny ears and also had pneumonia was prescribed clarithimycin which again didnt work so went back again and saw a practice nurse whom again said my ears stll were congested along wth base of lung and prescribed erythromycin and also sent me for xray. Have two more days to go on tablets and now also have sore throat. I am an 82 year old ild patient and dread to think what will happen if these tablets dont work.


Adrian, I'm sure the IV antibiotics etc you'll be getting now will mean you start to feel better very soon. Mild pneumonia can be treated at home but as you've discovered, a nasty bout needs proper treatment in hospital. Unfortunately, although your chest and the fever should improve soon, it's likely the fatigue will last for some time, in my experience a couple of months until you feel properly well (sorry to tell you this.) You just can't rush it, so if you've children at home you need to plan for this and organise some help. Accept any and all offers from family or friends because once out of hospital you may not feel like doing much for weeks to come.


I truly appreaciate your reply well am still hear the hospital having fever and i broke out with a rash so i dont know whats going on am a little depressed think of my kids speacially my 2 year old boy i missed them so much and the doctors are looking to see if theirs anything else going on hope is just pneumonia

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It's so hard isn't it, & the weakness makes you feel so down & sad - but you must focus on getting properly well, take it day by day & don't be in too much of a rush, it takes time. Believe me, they'll throw you out just as soon as they think you're ready & your little boy will run to greet you :) Is the rash a reaction to one of the drugs? These are powerful antibiotics so this is common. Adrian, if you don't know what's going on, insist someone comes & explains things to you. You'll feel more reassured & confident if you know what the treatment plan is. It's hard to be strong when you feel so s*** but it's important for you to be involved in your care. Nighttimes and Sundays are the worst in hospital so, if you're alone, stay online to connect with the world outside!


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