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Fostair with a spacer

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I currently take one spray of fostair 100 and one spray of fostair 200 once at night. I was taking 2 sprays of fostair 200 but I wanted to cut my steroid use down. I hope to eventually cut it down 2 sprays of the 100. I take nothing during the day. This has suited me just fine and the only reason I really take anything is to help me sleep better.

I very rarely have to use my ventolin, maybe once a month, but when I do I use my spacer. I find it is far more effective. I don't have any issues with taking fostair, although I do find the inhalers without the dose counters easier to use - does anyone else find that to be the case?

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone uses fostair with a spacer? Maybe it could be even more effective for me and would even be able to cut my dose down to just 1 spray once a day.



10 Replies

Hi, I was put on fostair along with incruse which replaced symbicort. I have to take fostair with spacer at night and find it really helps. I don't wake up as much reaching for tissue to cough up. I also recently purchased an air purifier and I think this has helped so much to my breathing as I don't seem to be wheezing so much through the night, even my hubby says I sleep more easily. Hopefully this is not a coincidence.

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I have used a spacer with Fostair for 18 months. The counter makes it a lot easier to keep track of the doses, it gained the counter only this year.


Fostair can be used with spacer x


Always used a spacer with Fostair and all previous metered dose inhalers.

Mind you, for three years I was using spacer incorrectly with Seretide, discovered differently at PR along with the information that with using a spacer ensure you get 50% more of the drug than not using one.

Another useful bit of info was to wait at least 30 seconds before inhaling a 2nd dose from the same inhaler otherwise you're only taking in the propellant .


Hello Sinclair, I use Fostair with a spacer. 2 puffs AM and 2 PM. I can't say it is making any difference.


Recently started using Fostair, ( with aerochamber plus) and I do get more immediate relief that seems longer lasting than Ventolin.

My prescription guide for Fostair is one puff twice a day ( morn & night) and as reliever when needed.

I much prefer it to ventolin which I felt offered little relief, although ventolin is also still on my prescription I rarely use it now.

I also use incruse ellipta, but I had to cease relvar ellipta when starting with Fostair.

The "spacer" is definitely the correct and more beneficial way to take both Fostair and Ventolin, both for more efficacious dosage getting to the lungs and to prevent sore throats from product hitting the back of the throat rather than being drawn into the lungs


I did take fostair with a spacer until recently and was told that it was supposed to be taken with a spacer by a respiratory nurse? But as I’ve never taken it without the spacer I couldn’t tell you if it’s more effective or not sorry


I think from reading these comments i need to get another spacer. I take 4 puffs fostair twice a day and simbocort

1 a day


Hi. I take 2 puffs Fostair 2x daily and have just recently agreed to use a spacer after years of refusing I had always felt the spacer was for children or the infirm and didn't want to be thought of as the latter.

Since using the spacer my asthma has been much better i now feel clearer for the 8 hours or so that it seems to last.

The other benefit is the lack of dry mouth at night with the spacer. I used to be constantly sipping at water all night long. Now the spacer seems to have solved the dry mouth issue.....A huge bonus.


Hi Sinclair

I use fostair with a spacer. One of the chest consultants reduced my fostair to once a day. I had to use my ventolon more. At my following visit to the chest clinic at Leeds they increased it back to twice a day, they said it only lasts 12 hours, that the way to reduce it is to reduce the actual dosage strength and not the amount of times it is used. I was told it needs to be used twice a day. Perhaps it’s just differing opinions, it would be interesting to hear what others say.


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